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Dear Margot - Crushes!

Updated: May 4, 2023

Dear Margot,

I have a crush on this one guy but I don’t know how to tell him I have feelings because we’re friends and I would rather not ruin anything in our friend group.

I think you should try to get closer to that person and give it a shot because you miss every shot you don’t take and it shouldn’t hurt the friend group.

Dear Margot,

Why does it feel like something bad always happens to me? Like why? Why does it all have to put pressure on me?

It might feel that way because it affects you a lot, you can try to talk to a friend you trust, a counselor, a teacher, or a staff member at Mayfair.

Dear Margot

I wish to love someone but I don’t know how to ask them officially. Please help me.

Well, Valentine's Day is coming up and we have singing Valentines that you can buy by the Big M at snack and lunch. You can also purchase the sweetheart special for 10$. It comes with a song, balloon, and flowers. You can also get some chocolate for them and just be bold by shooting your shot.

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