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Could Doja Cat have Scarlet II Underway?

A topic that has been stirring up Doja Cat’s fanbase are the theories behind Doja Cat possibly teasing a new album! Specifically, a sequel to her album, Scarlet, Scarlet 2! Doja Cat, the renowned rapper and hip-hop artist, has been seen talking about it on Instagram Live while painting. 

To some people, they could think that it’s just for fun and overlook the situation; however, Doja Cat is no stranger to hinting at something new with her artwork. Before Doja Cat released her song “Paint the Town Red,” she was seen on Instagram Live several times painting. Many of the images she painted were brought to life by Doja Cat in her music video for the same song. This is covered in a video on Doja Cat’s Youtube channel of the music video’s footnotes and behind-the-scenes information titled “Doja Cat: The Making of 'Paint the Town Red' (Vevo Footnotes)”. The paintings that Doja Cat herself painted were also posted onto her Instagram account titled “Beast,” “Half,” and “Reaper” which were all featured in the music video..  Now that she’s begun to follow her own trend, what could this mean? Speculation leads to a new single, a new feature, or even a new album! If the first time she painted led to Painting the Town Red, maybe it’ll happen again, and Doja Cat can surprise us with new songs or content! 

To go along with this, Doja Cat teased a possible tracklist on her Instagram Story! Similar to when Doja Cat teased the Scarlet tracklist, she wrote the tracks on a whiteboard with the title “General,” which probably refers to her general upcoming works, and posted them to Instagram, and the album stayed mostly true to this image, excluding “Loon1e,” “Disrespectful,” “N.H.I.E.” (her feature with 21 Savage), and “Seeing Stars.” Now, a similar whiteboard was posted with the title "S2,” which is suspected to be Scarlet 2, and the tracks below it this time are “Acknowledge Me,” “Headhigh,” “Gang,” ‘Masc,” “Rider,” “Urrrge!!!!” and “Hungry.” Although we didn’t know exactly what Doja Cat has been up to these past couple of months, maybe she was preparing something big for her fans coming soon!

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia commons

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