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Collab of the Century: “A Night To Remember” by Laufey and Beabadoobee

Collab of the Century: “A Night To Remember” by Laufey and Beabadoobee

On Friday, October 20th, after weeks of teasing, beloved singers Laufey and Beabadoobee released their collaborative song. This song meant a lot to fans as many of those who listen to one of the artists also listen to the other. The song is a beautiful mix of jazz and feels like both artists were able to put their signature influences in it.

One thing that was very special about this collab was that both artists had equal time within the song. All too often in collabs, it is clear who had more control over the song. However, that is not present in this one. If either artist released this song separately, it would not feel off or out of character. This is not to say that both of these artists have the exact same sound, they don’t. Laufey’s sound has, thus far, been very light and whimsical, dreamy. Bea has a similar lightness, but she also isn’t scared to bring more harsh sounds into her songs. When combined, they create a really wonderful sound like heard in “A Night To Remember”.

When it was first announced that these two had created a song together, it really rocked the fans because it was a “perfect pair”. Laufey and Bea have been put into a rising group of artists who younger listeners are gravitated towards. Also, this collaboration opened up doors to both sides. Meaning, Laufey fans got introduced to Bea’s music and vice versa. Through this, many people were shown new artists that otherwise would probably not be on their radar.

Overall, this collaboration between Laufey and Beabadoobee was not only a shock to fans but also resulted in an absolutely amazing song being released.

Images courtesy of Wikimedia Commons and Flickr.

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