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Clara Bow's Silent Films (Ranked from Best to Worst)

For those who have never heard of Clara Bow, Clara Bow was an actress who was famous during the ¨Roaring 20s¨ and acted in many silent films. She was more famous because she had the flapper look which made her the ¨It Girl¨ of her time. I´ll now be ranking 4 films she acted in, in what I feel was the best film she acted in and what was her worst. 

  • It (1927)

Even though this is one of Clara Bow’s most famous films she acted in – and what shot her to fame–, I still feel it’s the best film she acted in and it is a personal favorite of mine. In the film, she plays as the main character, Betty Lou, who works in a new department store who lays eyes on her boss and is convinced that he’s got “it”, which throughout the film we discover what this “it” truly is. I really enjoy this film because I feel like it was really ahead of its time and it was enjoyable to watch and I feel that Clara Bow did a really good job acting in it.

  • The Wild Party (1929)

Though this film isn’t a silent film and was the beginning of “talkies”, I still am going to count this in the list because I really liked this movie and feel like Clara Bow was one of the trailblazers for romantic comedies we know now. 

  • Wings (1927)

While this film doesn’t have Clara Bow acting in the majority of the film, I still really enjoyed it because it kinda brought a perspective of war and being in aviation. Besides that, I don’t have much to say as this is one of my least favorite films she acted in.

  • Black Oxen (1923)

 This has to be one of Clara Bow’s worst films because I didn’t enjoy the plot of it, plus, I felt the movie was dragged out. Clara Bow did a good job acting in the movie, though. Of course, I just wish she got more screen time in it, as she looked very pretty in the film. I really loved her outfits in this film.

Cover photo credits to Trailer Screenshot - Wings trailer on Wikipedia Commons

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