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Book Review: It Starts With US

The famous author, Colleen Hoover, does it again as she creates an amazing sequel to one of her most popular books It Ends With Us. Originally, Colleen was only planning on writing that one book but was then begged by many of her fans to make another story on how Lily and her daughter, Emerson, get through her abusive ex husband. Of course, not wanting to leave her fans disappointed, she agreed on making a sequel.

Before giving it a full review, I just wanted to let you know that reading this article will lead to many spoilers. Now in the ending of the last book, we left off with Lily divorcing her abusive husband, Ryle, after having Emerson, her daughter and then bumping into her ex boyfriend, Atlas, who is a chef. In the beginning of the book, it goes back to that moment where Atlas asks Lily on a date and she tells him that she would text her answer later. After a long time, she ended up saying yes and they started dating…happily ever after right? WRONG. It was going well until Ryle found out about them. Now let me remind you, Ryle HATES Atlas, the reason Ryle began abusing Lily in the first place was because of Atlas and not because Atlas was a bad person but because Ryle was jealous of the love Lily and Atlas once had.

Throughout the book it was an on and off fight between Ryle, Atlas, and Lily but eventually Lily finally talked to Ryle and told him to leave her and Atlas alone or else she would get a lawyer involved and tell everyone he abused her. Although Ryle has the money to get the best lawyer in town he was scared because if he didn't win, he wouldn't be able to see his daughter again. In the end, Ryle finally left them alone and “allowed” them to date and be happy.

The book also showed a lot more of Atlas’s backstory and how much he grew since the last time we heard about him especially since now he is taking care of his little brother, you heard that right ladies and gentlemen, Atlas has a younger brother who he didn't know about but is now taking care off and creating the best relationship any brothers should have.

The book ended with Atlas and Lily living happily ever after with them moving in together and then a couple of months later getting married. Overall, the book gave everyone the satisfaction of knowing how Lily’s life turned out and we can all now go on with our lives without having to think about it again.

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