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Scholar Athletes

Diego Ulloa
Diego Ulloa has just finished up his 4th year on the Boys Varsity Golf Team and is very pleased with his performance throughout his years. After learning about golf through his dad, he developed a passion for the sport and plans to continue to play golf at, Cal State University Long Beach this fall, where he will also be majoring in business. He describes his experience on the team as “very pleasant” and speaks highly of his teammates' support and drive alongside his own. He also gives major credits to golf coach, Daniel Fong, and explains how he was a big factor in keeping him on the team for his whole high school career. Diego expresses how golf is a great sport that leads to lots of amazing connections and opportunities that he is very thankful to be a part of and wishes to cherish. His contributions towards the boys varsity team will be honored and remembered by many, and we wish him all the best in his next chapter at CSULB!
Kaden Augustine
Kayden Augustine is our starting varsity baseball catcher. Kayden wears number 18 on the baseball field. He also works with Mayfair's ASB crew and is always helping out around the campus. Here is a little bit about Kayden, he has been playing since he was four years old so for him he has been on the field and in the uniform for 14 years of his life. While in high school he has been on varsity for the last 3 years. Kayden plays a lot of positions on the field, some of them are catcher, second base, shortstop, third base, and pitcher. Kayden has always been a good student, he is a hard worker and that aspect has stuck with him throughout high school. Kayden has enlisted in the Navy’s baseball program which is a great place to play. Kayden's last year playing high school baseball was his 2023 season playing varsity as the head catcher. He is a great player and will be deeply missed with everything he’s done while being a part of Mayfair’s ASB, Mayfair’s Varsity Baseball, and the morning announcements. Thank you for everything you’ve done and know you will be missed. We all wish you luck in the Navy.
Leah Simmons
Leah Simmons has been playing sports for Mayfair Middle and High School for the last four years. She has done both track and field along with tennis this school year! During the tennis season she was a single player on junior varsity and even played with the varsity team winning some games. A quote from her about her involvement in sports is, “Throughout my high school career I’ve been involved with Cross Country, Track & Field, and Girls Tennis. I’ve participated in sports since elementary school being a part of the track team, then switched over to wrestling in middle school and ending my senior year with Tennis and Track & Field.” Even with Leah doing all those sports the question still lingered on what she did to keep up her grades. She says she still maintained a high 4.0 GPA all four years which is not easy to do. To manage her time she creates calendars, digitally and physically. Though Leah is leaving us here at Mayfair I asked her for any advice for those considering joining the sports. Here is what she had to say, “My advice for the incoming Freshman who would like to participate in sports next year is to try many different sports. One of my biggest regrets I have about doing sports in high school is that I didn’t join the tennis team sooner. Ever since I was in middle school my father pushed me to try out but I had a pre-notion that it was boring. Now that I’m a senior who was awarded MVP and has a record of 26-2, I truly wish I  had explored my options with the sports available at school.” Leah will be attending Howard University in the fall of 2023! We wish you luck in all your future endeavors and remember once a Monsoon always a Monsoon!
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