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Brent Faiyaz: The Best RnB Artist

Who is Christopher Brent Wood? Brent is certainly not a stranger to the spotlight today. He is an RnB artist/singer born in Columbia, Maryland. Many people have heard his songs and he is indeed popular among teens who listen to RnB. Brent has been making quite a lot of headlines for the past three years.

The way he composes his songs, and with his style of RnB, is magnificent. His songs are known throughout most of the teenagers in the world. Brent started to rise to fame when he was part of the hit single, Crew along with Shy Glizzy. Brent started making music at the early age of 12. Then at the age of 18 he left home because his family got tired of his recordings. By 2014, he decided to go to Los Angeles and began to make more music that is recognizable to everyone today. Brent and his manager started small, but they eventually grew to build a small fan base.

After a while Brent decided it was time for a small break. When he came back later he met GoldLink, and ShyGlizzy. He linked up with GoldLink and GoldLink played some beats for Brent to choose. The track eventually became known as “Crew” with ShyGlizzy, GoldLink, and Brent Faiyaz featuring on the track which gave more fame to their names. The song also gave them their highest charting Billboard single and a Grammy nomination.

After this, Brent decided to release two projects: Sonder’s Son and Into. Brent’s amazing vocals, and the way he experiments with music is just…chefs kiss. But anyways, Brent Faiyaz is a well-known artist among all teens today, and many can relate to his songs. With backstories to his albums, odes to his exes, all of Brent’s work is of art. He has many songs that are overly amazing and make you unable to skip them. Brent Faiyaz deserves all of the recognition he’s been getting as of late.

Image Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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