Faculty Thank You's

“I’d like to thank Mrs. Garvin because I really enjoyed the class and I think that it gave me a new outlook on how the world is.”--Joseph Pitcox


“Mr.Nelson was one of my 3 art teachers who I felt understood me the most, helping me learn new types of art and different ways to express myself.”--Asha Adams


“Mr. Rodriguez was always there when I needed to talk to someone and I also felt that he had my back when I needed it.”--Ana Cecilia Perales


“I’d like to thank Mr. McCabe because he is a very understanding teacher that only wanted to help us succeed.”--Emily Chinchilla


“I’d like to thank Mr. Fong and Mrs. Balogh because they were nice and funny.”--Liliana Toscano 


“Ms. Colln was always attentive and supportive towards me. Her classroom always had a bright and comfortable atmosphere that made school more enjoyable.”--Emily Chang


“Coach Sal was one of the best coaches I've ever had. He always knew how to motivate us, and he was there for us during some of the hardest points in our lives.”--Sabrina Cruz


“Mrs. V was my English teacher for 7th, 10th, and 12th; then my journalism teacher for 11th, and 12th. School was always hard for me but she 100% made school much more enjoyable and easier for me. Among other things she was one of the few teachers who allowed me to draw in class, and not only that she would constantly compliment my art, compliment the specific things about it even when I didn't show it to her first; unintentionally reassuring me that people enjoy my art. Besides art she encouraged me in my writing, I could never forget how in seventh grade I told her how I wrote  a book and she said something like, "Well I have a degree in journalism so if you ever need an editor for your book let me know" and then in 10th grade after telling her I'm writing another book she said she's excited and "you better invite me to your book signing".  Which is ultimately the reason why I still write stories and take art seriously, school wasn't the place for me and instead of being hard on me she supported and motivated me through the stuff I love to do. Thank you Mrs.V!”--Sierra Heaton


“Mrs. McKay was very understanding and opened my mind to many new perspectives.”--Trinitee Brande


“I’d like to thank Señora Miranda because since I was a freshman she has been there for me. She taught me how to speak spanish well and now I can communicate with my dad's side of the family. She is an overall great human being and deserves recognition.”--Rachel Saucedo


“I’d like to thank Mr.Geddy, Ms.Jacobs, Mr.Shaheen, Mr. Guerra and more of my teachers because They’ve been here to help and guide me through high school, an important part of my life to make me a better and successful person. They always motivated to do better and strive for more in my life so I really won’t have stress about things, THANK YOU GUYS FOR EVERYTHING YOU DONE FOR ME!”--James Thomas


“I’d like to thank Mrs. V for always being a caring teacher to all her students and not leaving anyone out.”--Matthew Rodriguez


“I’d like to thank Mr. Coulter because when I transferred from a different school it was probably a few weeks in and people started lessons and he took the time to catch me up and not fall behind in class and that made me feel welcome.”--Briana Rodriguez


“I’d like to thank Mrs. Myra because she has always been very helpful with everything.”--Bianeth Vargas


“The truth is that I would very much like to thank Mrs. Garcia for supporting me and motivating me during the time I had her class. I think she was one of the best teachers I met at school. I am grateful to have had her and, having had her support and each time teaching me good things as well as motivating me and correcting me in things that I knew would not help me in my future. Throughout our lives we meet so many people who leave a great mark in our lives but I especially remember a teacher who with her charisma and her love for teaching helped me develop my talents.”--Jennifer Lepe Estrada


“I'd like to thank all the teachers and all the staff in the school, because they are nice and kind and they always helped me when I needed it.”--Prathnayouwin Keo


“I’d like to thank Mrs. Brown, the ceramics teacher, because I really enjoyed her class and getting to engage with clay. Her class was very fun and welcoming when I first started at Mayfair High.”--Emily Valdivia


“I’d like to thank Ms. Viska because she was one of the coolest teachers I could go and talk to.”--Elijah Webb


“While being in Mr. Nelson’s art class (sophomore year I believe) I received a lot of meaningful advice from him about life in general. I now look at art and life in a different perspective because of that class so, thank you Mr. Nelson! It was also one of the best classes I've ever been in.”--Samiyah Jones


“Mrs. Valenzuela helped me achieve my goals in ways I wouldn't even know how to explain. There is no teacher like her and I'm grateful that I got the honor of being taught by her.”--Cam Cook


“Mr. Bacani is the teacher who pushes kids to do their best, he is very funny and tries his best to make every student happy. He is honest and wants everyone in his classes to succeed.”--Adrian Delatorre


“Mrs.Valenzuela, Mr.Rodriguez and Mr.Bacani have helped me in no way any other teachers have. But I think the main reason why I want to thank them is because they actually made learning fun and they never gave up on their students. For me It was always an excitement to go to their class. These 3 teachers always made the class alive and not some class to just sleep in. So thank you Mrs.Valenzuela, Mr.Rodriguez and Mr.Bacani for having me in your class and helping me grow as a student.”--Jonathan Rios


“Mrs.Valenzuela encouraged me to be myself and gave me the help in making my first steps to become Logan. She gave me unwavering support and guidance through the roughest years in my life while dealing with my gender struggles.”--Logan Prado


“Mr. Unger made chemistry class really fun, and he had a great attitude to start off the mornings. Honestly I wouldn't have gotten through a day of sophomore year without his energy.”--Ryan Lim


“I’d like to thank Mr. Eastham because he was a great teacher and made learning fun.”--Bradley Smith


“I’d like to thank Mr. Nelson, because being able to experience art class for three years as his student was worth it. Being in the art program in general with both Mr. Nelson and Mr. Tablason has been a great time. I got to learn more art techniques and mediums thanks to it. I'll always remember the times I had in class doing work that was actually fun and enjoyable.”--Lyle Cuevas 


“Mr. McCabe always believed in me, and encouraged me to strive for my best. He always greeted us with a huge smile and lots of energy, and always made learning a fun, and a thrilling experience.”--Mayra Guerrero


“Mr. Shaheen always believes in my work, and wants me to succeed.”--Kyla Beard


“Mr. Suttle was one of the most wholesome teachers I’ve known that consistently shows that he cares.”--Ryan Goldsholl


“Mr. Ravelo was an amazing teacher and the only class that I look forward to seeing because of how entertaining it was and also because he always gave good advice and stories to us.”--Erick Zhune


“Mr. Philips has been such an incredible band director and one of my biggest inspirations to be successful and keep practicing my trumpet.”--Nestor Plascencia


“I’d like to thank Mrs. Walker because she checked up on me academically and also academics aside.”--Aja Bapp


“Coach Bedell helped me get into shape and learn benefits when working out, like learning the benefits of yoga.”--Luis Valencia


“I’d like to thank Mr. Drown because his class has helped me find a real passion for computer science.”--Taylor Buck


“I’d like to thank Mr. Tablason because he was a very supportive art teacher and helps with proving artistic ability.”--Isabella Esparza


“Mr.Philips taught me how to have confidence within myself. I wouldn't be the person I am today without his guidance and the experiences that I learned in band. I am extremely grateful to be privileged enough to call him my teacher.”--Emma Reyna

“I'd like to thank every teacher that has taught me a bunch of things throughout middle and high school”--Brianna Daugherty


“Coach Bedelle and Coach Headley supported me in both Football and Soccer and have helped me improve my craft in and out the classroom.”--Ryder Padilla


“Coach Davis was always there for me when I needed help or advice.”--James Claybrooks 


“Ms. Chick helped me throughout all my years in high school by making her classroom so welcoming.”--Nyah  Richardson


“Mrs. Brown was always there to talk with open ears and has a very loving energy!”--Aliza Usmany


“Mr. Fong and Mrs. Balogh has always encouraged me and taught me how to be the best version of myself and also for always making me laugh.”--Brooke Tolen


“Mrs. Mckay is a very intuitive teacher and always had the best explanations! By far my favorite teacher.”--Nathalie Gamboa


“I’d like to thank Parks because she was the only teacher who genuinely helped me understand and excel at math.”--Gia Torres


“Mr. Bacani has always pushed us when it comes to doing work completely and thoroughly. Throughout all of the chapters that he's taught the class, I've been able to grow as a reader and expand my vocabulary.”--Gabriel Macias


“I’d like to thank Mr. Suttle because I could always look forward to his class when I was having a bad day and he is one of the only teachers that I feel really cares deeply about each of his students individually. He always makes an effort to talk to me and ask me how I'm doing, and it just makes online school very enjoyable and fun.”--Kayla Long


“I would like to thank Mr.Irving because he has been a very caring teacher ever since I had him in my freshman year, and he has taught me a lot of things in his health and health occupations class.”--Pedro Tamayo


“Ms. Fletcher was one of the only teachers I really felt cared about the students. Funny, loveable, and just nice to be around. She takes her work seriously but knows when she can joke around with all of us.”--Phillip Chan


“I’d like to thank Walton because I had her two years in a row and throughout those two years I had family drama and she was always positive about everything so it made my day better.”--Dylan Frost


“Mr. Philips really pushed all of us, and me especially, to always strive for greatness. He helped shaped who I am today and I’m not sure where I would be right now without him.”--Malik Svay


“Mr. Headley was a great coach and taught me lessons that would transition to the real world.”--Andrew Puentes


“Mrs. Holcomb has been a huge part of my high school career and helped make it so much better. I'm forever grateful for her and her teaching.”--Anissa Zendejas


“Mr. Fong and Mrs. Balogh both have been constantly supporting me since the 8th grade and they never stopped believing in me.  Every single thing I do whether it was school-related or not they both gave the best advice and support.”--Vanessa Gonzalez


“Mr. Suttle was a cool teacher that opened my eyes to a new perception of the world. I enjoyed his class and felt like a detective on a case.”--Christopher Norman


“I’d like to thank Mrs.McAndrew for giving me a good year and always encouraging me to do better.”--Abalonia Jennings


“Mr. Philips is the only teacher who actually acknowledges me and pushes me to be a better version of myself. He also showed me that it is okay to fail and just keep practicing and doing things again and again until I got everything right without embarrassing myself. I get embarrassed very easily, that's why I’m also thankful for that.”--Raven Airis Bellen


“Mr. Shaheen made my senior year different and taught me things about photography and trying new things, while getting me out of my comfort zone.”--Joseph Smedley


“I’d like to thank Mrs. McAndrew because she is a great teacher who actually cares about students and genuinely loves her job.”--Javier Vallejo


“Garvin knew how to combine fun with learning, while being in the classroom. I looked forward to her class every day because I knew I'd learn something new while also having fun. I had many teachers who were able to achieve this, but Mrs. Garvin is the teacher that stands out the most, so thank you.”--Xander McConnell


“Mr.Ravelo always pushed me in his math class to be great and would always told me “I’m just getting you ready for the real world.””--Joshua Kennedy


“Mr. Tran always motivated me to be the best version of myself as both a teacher and coach.”--Nadia Delgado


“Mrs. Mckay kept distance learning entertaining and in good spirit.”--Jorge Covarrubias


“I would like to thank Mrs. McAndrew for doing everything she possibly could to help me through a difficult time.”--Bryce Barlow


“Ms. Walton was one of the kindest nicest and most patient teachers in the whole world.”--Leo Trujiilo


“I'd like to thank Mrs. Brown because she is a teacher who cares about what her students are learning and is very understanding when it comes to her students struggling or having a hard time.”--Yaeli Soto


“Mr. Boppell has been very helpful since my freshman year. He is a great teacher and I'm glad I got the opportunity to be his student. Even when I was struggling to the point of embarrassment, he said it was okay and helped me become better. Not only in his class, but he also went beyond school. I'm very grateful and sad to be leaving but happy that he's guided me to where I am now.”--Destiny Baca


“Mrs. McAndrew was always attentive and supportive and helpful when it came down to anything whether it was about school, about my day, and especially about college.”--Esmeralda Hernandez


“I’d like to thank Mr. Saunders and Mrs. Holcomb for believing in me and teaching me how to make it work.”--Haley Thompkins


“I'd like to thank Mrs. McAndrew because she does so much for our school and our students. I've never seen someone so passionate about school and people before, so she inspires me every day.”--Marie Vega


“I’d like to thank Mr. Headley for the support and leadership he has provided me as a teacher and a coach.”--Julien Villanueva


“I’d like to thank Mr. Nelson because he helped me improve as an artist.”--Anne Camille Reyes Guzman


“I’d like to thank Ms. Gaylord because although math is my least favorite subject, she made it easy for me to understand .”--Jamie Castro


“I'd like to thank Mrs. Holcomb because she's an amazing teacher and has taught me a lot for the past 4 years. Not only did she teach me to be a better singer and dancer but also as a person. She's taught me to always give out my best and even if you mess up, get up on your feet, smile, and keep going. I look at her as like a second mom and she looks at students as her own kids.”--Nicole Tamayo Lugo


“Without Coach Bedell I wouldn't understand what an uncommon mindset is, making me become the man I am today.”--Robert Robinson


“I’d like to thank Ms. Gaylord and Ms. Eileen for always being there when I need help and thank you for always listening.”--Denise Hernandez Melchor


“I’d like to thank Mr. Bedell for helped this year go by less stressful and easier.”--Jalen Villegas


“Mrs. McDaniel always helped me with homework, and she was always there when I needed her.”--Luis Rafailano


“It was a great experience getting to be around Mr. Headley and he always was a nice teacher.”--Sergio Aguirre


“Mrs. McAndrew helped me find my potential and confidence to do anything I want in life.”-- Brittney Santos


“Mr. Jacobsma was my first AP teacher and I think he would act more like a professor, or at least that's how I saw him. He's retired now, but he was a real chill guy. He gave me the first taste of what advanced classes are like, AP or college classes. Great guy.”--Diego Borboa 


“Mr. Shaheen has taught me a lot about photography and different ways and strategies on how to take amazing photos. This made me become more interested in photography after taking his class.”--Gabriel Dao


“I’d like to thank all my teachers. They all made an attempt to make online learning work although it will never be perfect, nothing's perfect, and I appreciate what they do and it’s noticeable by me when they try new things to teach the curriculum through this new unknown platform.”--Saul Retana


“Mrs. Walton was the nicest teacher I ever had. She helped me so much to pass her class.”--Damon Bams


“Since freshman year, Mrs. Bookout and Griselda have been there for me whenever I needed them. They didn't make me feel as though I was just a student or person on the team. They made sure to check in on me and other students. Together they created an environment where we were comfortable and able to push ourselves further in every aspect. They never gave up on me even when I wanted to give up on myself. Throughout my years at Mayfair, I have made countless memories with them that I will hold dear to me. For these reasons, I thank them and wish them luck in the years to come.”--Siscoy Curry


“I’d like to thank Mrs. V because she’s a good teacher.”--Hugo Mejia


“I'd like to thank Mr. Bopell, Mr.Ravelo, and Mr.Tran for never losing hope in me and always pushing me to do better.”--Gardenia Chavez


“Mr. Rodriguez has always been so supportive of me in the classroom and with track all four years. He always is so proud of all of my accomplishments and has truly made a huge impact on my life. Mr. Rodriguez is one of the best people I have ever met.”--Julissa Mendoza


“Mr.Suttle and Mrs. Mack and Holcomb made my school life more fun and helped me a lot with life.”--Jared Thompson 


“Mrs. Montes preaches that her students succeed in school. Additionally, I appreciate her help during the college application process.” --Daniela Ibanez Figueroa


“Mr. Boppell continues to put a smile on my face during this tough year as a senior.” --Jersey Lauti 


“Mr. Headley is such an engaging history teacher that I developed a huge interest in history and politics. When he lectures it feels like a conversation between him and the entire class because he talks about real world events through a historical lens. His class was a safe space of ideas and overall he is what more teachers should strive to be like.” --Santiago Renteria


“Mrs.Valenzuela taught me how not to procrastinate on my work and to get it done.”--Deserae Garcia


“Mrs. Valenzuela is amazing tbh.”--Nicholas Jimenez


“Mrs. Young would always help me and guide me with the right resources I needed to be where I am at right now.”--Jadin Williams


“Mrs. Holcomb has been my teacher for 4 years and has seen me in all my highs and lows and has helped me through each one of them, on top of that she has given me great advice to use in everyday life situations that can be applied to almost everything.”--Sanai Gooden


“Mrs. Ugale, Mr. Boppel, Mr.Bacani really pushed me to be the best version of myself everyday.”--Michael Diaz


“Sra. Kodesh was my Spanish teacher for three years, including two years of AP Spanish so she has taught me so much not only about Spanish but about the value of hard work.” --Julissa Martinez


“Mr. Marroquin helped and encouraged me to do better and helped me get over one of the darkest years of my life. He always cracked sarcastic jokes that made me laugh and somehow always knew how I was feeling even when I chose to really hide it. It's so unfortunate to see this world take such a good man away from his family, from our family at Mayfair, it wasn't fair to anyone. He was loved by hundreds of students and brought joy to everyone around him. He was one Hell of a coach, seeing how happy the soccer girls were to see him at snack. I would like to say Rest In Peace Sal Marroquin, you were loved by not only your own kids and your wife, but by the hundreds of students who saw you every day throughout high school. We will always remember your signature shorts, Mayfair shirt and running shoes. We will make sure to take care of your family, support Mrs. Brown and show her the same love we showed to you. Rest In Peace Sal Marroquin, Once a Monsoon... Always a Monsoon.”--Arturo Castro


“Jacobsma had a fun classroom environment and made the subjects he taught interesting.”--Tyler Brunson


“Mr. Suttle, Mr. Irving, Mrs. Mkay, and Mrs. Valenzuela are understanding and patient people, especially during this pandemic they care about their students difficulties and try their best encouraging them to keep it up.”--Emily Flores


“Mr. Suttle was probably one of the only classes that made class fun and cool.”--Cade Sok


“Mr Philips is just an amazing guy and one of the best teachers out there.”--Bryan Brown


“Mr. Boppell showed concern about my bad grades and asked how everything was going out of all my teachers.“--Desiray Macias


“Mr. Philips encouraged me to be my best and he always made me laugh.”--Bethany Reyes


“Mr. Bacani leads students in the right direction and speaks some real talk.”--Elijah Velazquez


“Mr.McCabe has always had a joyful personality making class fun which helped me discover my interest in biology in the two years of having him. Not only that but he is also always easily accessible, supportive, and understanding which really helped me as a student.”--Juliana Izabel Cervantes


“Mr. Falk and Sra. Kodesh were both great teachers and always helped me when I needed it and are both very devoted to their students.”--Amani Whittiker


“Schneider showed me how fun a class can be while still learning. I’ve had him every year of my high school career and not once have I regretted it.”--Jeremy Berry


“Mr. Eastham is very patient and kind, even when very stressed out.”--Victoria Garcia


“Mr. Eastham has always been such a nice and fun teacher in the three years of having him.”--Adeline Huynh


“Mrs. McAndrew pushed me to be my best in anything and everything, and she taught me how to put myself out there and enjoy high school.”--Breanna Stram


“Mr. Headley showed me how fun learning can be. He was a great teacher and a great person. I'm definitely sad I didn't get to finish my year with him but he impacted me and showed me that class can be fun while you learn.”--Elizabeth Perez


“Mrs. Kodesh was a really great teacher and helped a lot.”--Angel Ontiveros


“All Mayfair staff have done whatever they could to make sure we are safe during this pandemic and still continue to teach and help the students out.”--Crystal Ramos


“Ms.Valenzuela, Ms. Macandrew, and Mr. Saunders are all nice teachers and I learned alot from them.” --Jahadi Lewis Jackson


“Mr.Bacani is not only an amazing teacher, but an amazing person who is always understanding. There were days where I didn’t really feel well, but being that I had him the first period talking to him even for a couple of minutes always made me smile. Unlike other teachers he actually interacted with me and his positivity and outlook on life helped me believe in myself, and that I can accomplish whatever I put my mind to.”--Carla Gonzalez


“Mr. Suttle made class really fun and actually made learning a great experience during this new way of teaching.”--Yalitza Gomez


“Mr. Tran has been a consistently supportive coach during the lows of seasons and was supportive even off season. His teaching spirit in class is also encouraging as well, making an AP class enjoyable.”--Ian Jo


“Coach Bedell has been the best possible coach and he has guided me through my highschool football career.” --Tstrong Mataele


“Mrs. McAndrew finds a way to bring positivity into our lives, even through distance learning.”--Allie Holmes


“Mrs. Valenzuela was one of the best english teachers I've ever had and she was also just a super cool teacher. She made it fun and not like something we had to do but we wanted to. She was also a teacher you could talk to if you were having any problems with anything.”--Sydney Soto


“Mr. Nelson, Mrs. Parks, Mr. Suttle, and Mrs. Skorka helped me become the person I was meant to be. Not only were they strong teachers through such hard times they helped influence me and the students around them to do better and learn no matter their mood or hardships while teaching.”--Abby Gonzalez


“Mrs. Holcomb is one of the most supportive, positive, and determined teachers I've ever had. She would always be there for her students, and she made class enjoyable. She showed everyday how grateful she is for her students and the love for her job as music director. I will miss her as a teacher, but I will be coming back to see future performances.”--Alexis Pendleton


“Ms. Fletcher always acted in the students best interest and thoroughly taught us how to write and analyze language while making it interesting for the students. She also made sure to give us breaks and understood when we may have reached our limits. When we were given an assignment she would talk to each student individually if need be, including me and help answer my questions in detail if I asked one. She was dedicated and cared about her students and I appreciated it a lot.”--Jacob Adams


“Mrs. Cole-Edwards helped me to be successful in school and helped me learn certain topics on English subject units.”--Isaac Zea


“Tablason stuck with me from 8th grade up to my senior year and saw potential in my art and encouraged it.”--Kai Keller


“Mr. Guerra helped me with anything I needed, giving the best advice, and making his class so welcoming.”--Sabrina Billy


“Mrs.MacAndrew was always such a nice and caring teacher. She really cared about every student she had and she showed it. She makes a great impression on everyone who she comes in contact with. Before I even had her as one of my teachers I knew that going into her classroom was a safe place. She is a very loud, funny, and memorable teacher.”--Jenna Ramirez


“Mrs. Mckay truly makes kids feel like she cares. She works with kids who need to do make-up work and makes it really easy to make sure you pass the class as long as you do your part. One of the best teachers I've had , she is selfless and cares about everyone.”--Angel Martnez


“Mr.Schneider has been the best teacher to me so far and has always provided a safe and fun space.”--Shelton King


“Mr Bacani always helped me when I was struggling during the last two years of having him.”--Madalynn Harvick


“Mr. Schnieder would work his hardest to make each and every class meeting as enjoyable as possible. He would take the time to ask us how we were doing and do his best to see each and every one of us succeed.”--Christian Synstelien


“Ms. Pinkwasser has been consistent with helping her students get the best online school year possible and she is very patient.”--Jaymee Townes


“Ms.Young has been an extremely amazing and helpful counselor. Ms.Young always went above and beyond and gave the support a student needs throughout high school.”--Mercedez Soto


“Mrs.Valenzuela was the highlight of my day at school and bringing joy and happiness to the classroom.”--Donald Washington


“Ms. Colln has been kind and patient with us throughout the school year despite everything that happened.”--Bridget Perez


“Mr. Headley is the only coach I knew I could depend on if I ever needed him. He gave good advice and I just felt like he was one of few teachers I could talk to or rely on. I am really appreciated that he is like that.”--Braulio Morales

“Ms. Colln was the coolest person and one of the best english teachers I have ever had.” -- Nayari Vasquez-Rodriguez


“Ms. Fletcher, Mrs. Skorka, and Mr. Philips made my time at Mayfair feel so much better.” -- Mya Tan


“Mr. Caron really had an impact on me. He sort of changed how I perceived the greater world around me, and on top of that he's just a really nice, fun, and wholesome guy.” -- Liam McDougal


“Mrs. Valenzuela, Ms. Parks, Mr. Nemo, and Mrs. Machado had a really big impact on my experience at Mayfair, whether it being just helping me get through a specific subject, helping me figure out what I want to do in life, or just being a really great influence.”--Eden Bombino-Geddes


“Coach Jackson has been one of my main support systems throughout high school.”--Janeytzi Padilla


“Mrs. Jacobs helped me establish a new interest in writing. Without her class I most likely wouldn't find writing as fun as I do now.”--Micheal Boulton


“All my teachers helped me each realize that I have potential and that I can get through any obstacle if I push myself.”--Bryanna Palacios


“Mrs. Valenzuela has been with me through high school.”--John Luis


“Mr. Falk sparked a flame in me that grew to enjoy and eventually love chemistry. This made me decide to pursue a higher education in the field of chemistry and teach it to others as well.”--Albert Aguilar


“Mr. Schneider is the only teacher that I've felt comfortable talking to. He cares a lot about his students and he shows it by always asking how our day was and actually means it. He doesn't do it for small talk, he does it because he cares. His class is the only one I look forward to going to. He should honestly get a raise, he does more than other teachers do for their students.”--Karen Beltran


“Mr. El-Ayoubi, Mr. Falk, Mr. Tran, Mrs. Valenzuela, Mr. Suttle, and Mrs. Pinkwasser are well-mannered, funny, personal, relatable, story-telling, personable, knowledgeable, and overall amazing teachers.”--Andrew Morrison


“Mr. Schneider, Mr. Boss, and Mrs.Valenzuela are some of the best teachers on campus. They teach things really well and explain very clearly on what they are teaching.”--Francis Manalese


“Mr. Fong was a big role model throughout my high school career and he cared about all of his students no matter what.”--Jenna Birdwell

“Mr. Saunders has been a pillar of normalcy and kindness through my turbulent high school career.”--Samuel Gil


“Mr. Boppell was the greatest coach that I could ask for and pushed our Cross County team to make history.”--Nicolas Simon


“Mrs. Holcomb has always been loving and accepting of me and my craziness. She has shown me how to not only control my voice but also how to take control of my own life and keep moving forward. Love You Holcomb!”--Saryah Harris-Davis


“Mr. Saunders showed me that it was okay to express myself freely and how to become a better leader.”--Eileen Hernandez


“Mrs. Burner let me stay in her class during snack and lunch and for helping me through IM1 and through all my other math questions.”--Francis Leoncio


“Mrs. Luo is one of the most engaged, most helpful, most inspiring, and the absolute most supportive teacher I have had in Mayfair. I shared five incredible years of my education with her and she really helped build my morals, my beliefs, and most of all respect. She is the kind of teacher that I will remember all my life and definitely visit once I graduate. She cares deeply about the success of all her students and will stop at nothing until all her students have reached it. Thank you Mrs. Luo for all your hard work and dedication, please know it never goes unnoticed nor unappreciated.”--Laura Ochoa


“Mrs. McAndrew has always been extremely supportive and an open teacher to talk to.”--Makhi Boyd


“Mrs. Lou has been my teacher since 5th grade. She has always had the best interest for her students, and kids who aren't even her students. She always encourages us to take opportunities that we could never imagine or think we can reach. She always put so much effort to show us the Chinese culture, such as having people come in to teach us how to make dumplings. She even gave us the opportunity to go on an internship overseas in China to learn more.”--Isabel Araujo


“Mr. Shaheen inspired my interest and creativity for photography both in and out of class.”--Samuel Dawson


“Mrs. Holcomb has pushed me to go out of my shell and to be confident with who I am. She has also pushed me to be a better person and to use my voice for positivity.”--Kyle Marquez


“Mr. Rodriguez ever since my freshman year, he was always there to listen to me and help me whenever I needed it.”--Carla Rodriguez


“Mr. Green was a person who made me understand math and other things when I came into his class during lunch, and an overall great and fun person.”--Jesus Irene


“Mrs. McAndrew is such a supportive teacher and is always there for her students no matter the circumstances.”--Sonny Montalvo


“Mr. Eastham I've never actually had him for a class, but all the times that I went into his classroom to talk about music or whatever with my friend Liam were very fun. I really appreciated it.”--Owen Douglass


“Mr. Rodriguez actually teaches and interacts with his class which makes the lessons fun and easy to learn.”--Alivia Elder

“Mrs. Valenzuela has always been a motherly figure towards me since 7th grade and I could be very open with her about anything overall. Every year I always visit her and when she is very open with me I feel like she's part of a family to me. She always supported me in everything that I do and encouraged me to see her whenever I can do so.” --Trisha Cornejo


“Mrs. Walton’s class was fun and she was able to work with me if I fell behind in her class”--Saul Bucio 


“Tony the security guard has always made me feel safe and comfortable. She always gave me good advice and she has always been there for me no matter if I was in trouble or striving in school. I appreciate all her hard work. May the universe bless her.”--Maria Sanchez


“Mr. Irving is a kind soul and always made class interesting. Class felt more like home with him.”--Zachary Huckins


“Mr. Green indirectly taught me to not worry about every little thing, and was also willing to join my talent show performance when I was a sophomore.”--Jaeden Sahilan


“Mr. Boppell he made me feel like I always had someone to talk to and he would always help me with decisions, and basically life choices.”--Camila Matamoros


“Mr. Schneider was always very welcoming and made me look at school in a better light.”--Lauren Ciuro


“Ms. Parks is a very chill teacher. I learned so much from her and to be honest she’s the reason why I started to get better grades at math. I always had bad grades at math not until I got into her class. Also, kudos to her for teaching me how to solve a Rubik's cube.”--Oliver Cabral


“Mrs. Bookout has helped me improve as a person through her hard work and dedication to the color guard program. My high school experience wouldn't have been the same without her.”--Natalie De La Cruz


“Mr. Suttle has gone out of his way to make it fun not only for me but others in all his classes as well while being all online. His class is what I most likely look forward to when I have him. Overall he is a great teacher who tells great stories and will be someone I will remember when I leave school.”--Matthew Chavarria


“With all my teachers' help and their guidance I wouldn't be able to be in the position I am in now.”  --Michael Acuna


“Mrs. Holcomb being in showtime help me find my place in my life “--Jalon Batiste 


“Mrs. Luo truly demonstrates what it means to be a great teacher. Her vast compass of compassion and devotion to her teachings has delineated how much she cares about her job. She is also extremely understanding, and connects on a personal level with her students. Mrs. Luo's heart-warming qualities should be an aspiration for what teachers should be.”--Bryan Mijangos


“Mrs. Kjorness’s method of teaching helped me in her class and my senior year.”--Marc Fuentes 


“Coach Powel would always hype me up, giving me confidence.”--Aaron Gomez


“Mr. Suttle is very supportive and one of the coolest people I've ever met. Then Mrs. Valenzuela made me see life from a different perspective and teach in a way that doesn’t only help me but others as well, to fully understand what we are being taught.” --Ferrer Melanie 


“Ms. Walton was such an amazing teacher within the 2 years I had her (sophomore year and junior year) she was so kind and my favorite teacher. I would want to go to school everyday just to go to her class. So overall, Mrs Walton, thank you for always making science fun! I miss you!!”--Erica Moreno Ramirez


“Mrs. Machado cared about me beyond those things and I loved the bond we developed over the years. Thank you for being my confidant and favorite teacher throughout high school. Love you Machado, I'll come visit you soon <3”--Ariadna Ayala


“Mr. Falk is a teacher that I would bombard with questions and, he was able to not only answer all the questions I had but was able to help me on every single assignment. Not only that, he allowed me to look back at my tests or quizzes and he explained what I got wrong from those. He made me get a picture of learning formulas and getting a better view of problem-solving. He also pushed me to get things done and gave me the help I needed to do good in Chemistry. For example, problem-solving; asking MORE questions; time management; etc. He's someone who gives plenty of assignments but is more than happy to help in class, during snack or lunch, and after school. He helped me think for my future classes and was one of the rare teachers that was able to help all throughout the day. I want to take the time to thank someone who helped me become a better person academically.”--Samuel Chacko


“Coach Bedell gave me the opportunity to join a family and show my worth out on the field.”--Alexis Castillo 


“Mr. Suttle always has the ability to make me laugh or smile.”--Natalia Khiev


“Mr. Tran made class very fun and very easy, even though I almost failed, but at least I was able to get through it.”--Louie Solache 


“Mrs. Pinkwasser every time she would laugh it would make me smile.”--Julianna Sabino


“Mr. Tablson has taught me so much about art and life in general.  The life lessons he has given me in highschool will definitely help me in the long run.”--Goodness Emedom


“Mr. Caron was an amazing history teacher.”--Daniel Buenrostro


“Mr. Boppell has been the best coach that I have ever had and has gone above and beyond for all of his athletes.”--Damien Maldonado


“Mrs. Luo was always very supportive even when I was not taking her class during the school year.”--Mell Rosales


“Mrs. Balogh put up with me even when I'm not the best student and she pushed me to be better.”--Antwine Bryant


“Mrs. Balogh has helped me through a lot when I was going through rough times. She always let me know that life would get better and that I write my own story.”--Riley Shue


“Mr. Bacay had the class do this project that taught us how to budget our money with our lives, and how to pay for all types of insurance, get groceries, car payments and house payments. He was the only teacher to actually give me some information that can help me in the real world and I appreciate it because he did not have to teach us that.”--Jacob Smearman


“Mr. Bacani was overall a cool teacher and helped me better my writing with school.”--Paul Carrillo


“Mr. Bybee was always kind and wanted his students to succeed in his class.”--Katelyn Garcia


“Ms. Claudia, the athletics trainer, is one of the reasons I want to major in sports medicine”--Anthony Bravo

“Ms. Claudia was an inspiration to me through my recovery process of my dislocated knees, twice, and now she's my teacher that has provided me with immense amounts of knowledge in the medical world and directed me on my path to become a physical therapist in the future.”--Luke Snow 


“Mrs. McAndrew lights up my day every time I see her.”--Ahliyah Curry


“Mrs. Holcomb was always there for me and my fellow peers, we would laugh, cry, and have a good time, and she always found a way to turn our frowns upside down, and show people what it's like to be apart of a loving music family, Love you Mrs.Holcomb!”--Mikenzee Smith


“Mrs. McAndrew was an example of a positive person on campus and off.”--Kristopher Woods


“Ms. Walker is just an amazing counselor. She is constantly helping students regardless of whether or not she is their designated counselor. Mayfair is lucky to have her as one of their counselors due to the fact that she is very caring, and always wants the best for all of the students.”--Jasmine Gonzalez


“Mr. Bacani is an understanding and great teacher that never fails to see the potential in each of his students.”--Kathalinne Gonzalez


“Mrs. Garvin helped me realize that I can do hard things and that when I put my mind to it I can get good grades. She also helped me love history.”--Joshua Douglass


“Mr. Eastham was an amazing teacher and he made me look at English a different way, he made it fun.”--Emma Cazares


“Mr. Schneider and I had a connection and we would just mess around. He also cared about me alot.”--Alexis Arriaga


“Mrs. McAndrew always found a way to make school fun.” --Connor Swearingen


“Mr. Nguyen was the best math teacher and held us with high expectations. The workload was a lot, but it did well teaching the content.”--Josh Fernandez


“Headley made playing soccer on the team for the past 4 years very enjoyable.”--Sebastian Parker


“The custodians helped clean up all our mess.”--Allan Casiano


“Mrs. Walker always helped me with classes throughout my high school years, she was always so welcoming and easy to talk to.”--Mariah Barragan


“Mr. Suttle is a great teacher, was always positive, and taking his forensics class made me realize what exactly I want to do for my career path.”--Camila Coronel


“Coach Bedell pushes me to strive both academically and athletically.”--Anisa Garcia


“Mrs. Monte has not only cared about my education and how well I was doing in her class, but she actually cared for me as a person, she takes mental health very seriously with her students which is super important especially this crazy year we've all had. Making students feel valid and heard goes super long way and she did an amazing job at that, thank you Mrs. Monte!”--Kristine Gil


“Mr. Suttle, Mrs. Brown, and Mrs. Holcomb gave me unconditional love and support and pushed me to work hard in my education.” --Patrisha Verayo 


“Mr. Bacani, Ms. Parks, Mr. Suttle, and Mr. Green helped me improve when I didn't think I could.”--Adam Heapy


“Mr. Rodriguez was the only math teacher I learned from and he was chill.”--Eithen Gatica


“Carlos the custodian is truly a kind and warm hearted individual, he never fails to make my day when I see him or when he talks about his appreciation for color guard.”--Alfonso Gastelum


“Mr. Phillips was always there for me for all the four years I have been in high school.”--Ethan Bourgeault


“Mr. Bacani always pushes me to try harder and prepares me for the future.”--Aleah Lizarraga


“Mr. Guerra as the athletic director and a teacher at Mayfair has had his plate full with all of his responsibilities and trying his best to get high school sports back into  motion. Not only did he make sure every sport got a chance to come back, he stepped up as the new head coach for varsity girls soccer after Coach Sal's passing. He has honored Coach Sal in so many ways and has been a great coach even with his busy schedule. Thank you Coach Guerra, we all appreciate you so much!”--Amanda Scott


“Mr. Tran has given me advice ever since I had him as a coach in 10th grade.  I even had him for my APES class in junior year.  He is a great coach, great teacher, and has a great personality.  He never fails to make people laugh.”--Leo Roth


“ALL of my teachers have taught me a lot and helped further my education. Some of my teachers were also very sweet and supportive with my future goals. Their motivation to keep doing well in school inspires me to push more forward in life.”--Valerie Ponce


“Mrs. Garvin AP World History was one of the most challenging and one of the most fun classes I've ever taken, and she was an amazing teacher. Thank you!”--Tyler Bartschi


“Mrs. Garvin was all around the best teacher I've had.”--Jillian Rice


“Mr. Irving is an awesome teacher and for being super nice. I feel as if he truly cares for his students health.”--Aidahn Elchico


“Mr. Philips has been the teacher that has helped me out the most and helped me be the best musician I could be.”--Clifford Howze


“Madame Fauben, Mr. Tran, Mr. Bybee, and Coach Headley made the classroom a fun time and Coach was always chill.”--Jesse Turijan


“I'd like to thank Mrs. McAndrew because she showed genuine interest in what my hobbies were and what I was doing. She also helped me get in touch with someone from the college that I'm going to. I'm not very good with stuff like that, but I wanted to say thank you for all your help.” --Rolando Zavala


“Mr. Bacani, Mr. Walton, Ms. Park, Mr. Tate, Mrs. Laura, Mr. Suttle, and Mr. Shaheen made high school fun for me, and even though some make us do a lot of work, their personality and the good aura around them make up for it.”--Adrian Maldonado


“Mr. Bacani and Mrs. Valenzuela because they helped me understand the subject of English more.”--Andrew Pacheco


“I’d like to thank all of my teachers because I appreciate the effort you all put forward to give me the education that I have received. Even though I did not allow myself to get up and personal with any of my teachers I just want to pay it forward by saying that your contribution has not gone unnoticed.”--Kaliyah Hardy


“Mr. Drown supported me continuously over the past four years in finding my zeal for computer science, pursuing it and competing at an advanced level, and taking on a leadership role.”--Kevin Gomes


“Mr. Philips  helped me improve myself and believe in myself that I can do things and to not be afraid of trying over the last 3 years. He taught me to not give up and keep on trying until I get what I want. Even if I get what I want, he still encourages me to keep on practicing to perfect it. I wasn't the best in his class, both in orchestra and in band, but he still believes in me and he didn't give up on teaching me. Even though that I quit band this year, he is still the teacher that I am most thankful and grateful for.”--Ronella Airel Bellen


“Mr. Bains was an amazing math teacher and I feel like he helped me like math even more. He made math look easy!”--Iseah Perez 


“Mrs. Adriatico never stopped trying to support us. Through all the stuff my friends and I did and problems we gave her in that class she never stopped trying to challenge us and push us to do our best. We didn't always get along or see eye to eye, but I will always be grateful for her determination in trying to teach a couple gremlins about physics and engineering principles. I always complained about that class but honestly it was my favorite. Thank you Mrs. Adriatico.”--Cormac Tellez


“Mrs. Kodesh motivated our class to challenge ourselves, and as part of the National Honor Society, she has been a positive example for me as she always shared her passion to help others in need. So now I'm willing to follow her lead and do the same, which is to overcome obstacles and help others.”--Ruth Aguilar


“Mr. Unger makes his classroom a welcoming environment and Chemistry a fun class to take.”--Aniya Steele


“Mr. Tran is like a fatherly figure who is also a like close friend.”--Nawoda Wijesoorya


“Mr. Marroquin was one of the best soccer coaches Mayfair was able to have. He cared for his players and only wanted to see them succeed and thanks to him, he helped make me the player I am today. I truly do thank him for that and all the hard work he put in not only for the girls soccer program but for his students as well. Our season has truly been dedicated to him! Thank you Mr. Marroquin, we all miss you very much!”--Jazmin Martinez


“Mr. Marroquin made me believe in myself even when I did not think I could do something and he pushed me to be the best version of myself.”--Angelica Mora-Romero


“Mr. Rodriguez always trusted me and always cared to ask how I am feeling everyday I came into class for the last 2 years.”--Jocelyn Galloway


“Mr. Shaheen’s class helped me stay motivated and made school a lot more exciting to attend.”--Aliyah Torresillas


“Mrs. Montelone was always there whenever I need someone to talk to and I appreciate her so much.”--Brooklyn Perry


“I’d like to thank Mrs. VanderBaan the English teacher because she would constantly reach out and genuinely cared about my mental health."--Samantha Alfarrouh


“I’d like to thank Ms. McDaniel because she has always helped me.”--Saul Gutierrez


“Mrs. McAndrew was a great and outstanding mentor to me the past 3 years I was in ASB. Mac did a lot for me and helped me throughout high school and I would not have been able to get through high school without her.”--William Miranda


“Mrs. Holcomb played a big role in making my high school experience genuinely amazing”--Hailey Arpon


“Mr. Schneide really made learning fun and enjoyable and showed me a lot about life.”--Hunter Lankster


“Mrs. McAndrew is such a sweet kind lady who believes in me and helps me focus in school. Everyday she brought energy even when she was tired, that’s inspiring. Such a glamorous woman.”--Zac Ballard


“Mr. Rodriguez helped me out a lot while in IM3 and he was a cool, funny teacher.”--Eric Arreola


“I'd like to thank Mrs. Jacobs because she was a good teacher to me and very understanding.”--Jeydin Alejos


“Mr. Tran encourages me to try my hardest and strive for only the best.”--Madison Nguyen


“Mr. Boppell was an amazing teacher that truly cared about his students. He always wanted to see me do my best and to see me succeed.”--Kassandra Miranda


“I’d like to thank Viska because she always was the best help when I was struggling in math.”--Meyleine Schafe


“Mrs. McAndrew is such an amazing role model and teacher to me. She really has helped me when times were hard and I will always be grateful for her and her caring personality. Truly was like my mom at school. Love her to death.”--Lauren Brown


“Walker she has helped me with getting my college stuff done and has given me advice to better myself in the future.”--Kyla Burch


“Mrs. Ugale is the only English teacher I ever had that made English bearable. Even though I never liked English whenever I would walk in her class I would be fine with her period. I liked her as a teacher and her positive energy she had everyday and I thank her for being a fun teacher.”--Raman Lingam


“Mrs. McDaniel is a wonderful person. She has helped me get good grades, helped me write my essays, and kept me focused. For that reason I would like to thank her.”--Elizabeth Cano


“Mr. Philips because I’ve had him every year since 7th grade. There was one year that I had 4 classes with him each day.”--Javan Durand


“Mr. Rodriguez was the coolest and funniest teacher I've ever had who wasn't always so strict creating a bond with his students making school enjoyable”--Shamar Thomas


“I’d like to thank Mr. Ravelo, Mrs. Miranda, Mrs. Burner, Mrs. Machado, Mr. Tran, Mr. Unger, Ms. Parks, Mrs. Kjjorness, and Mr. Suttle because I always had a great time in their classes.”--Cameron Buycks


“I'd like to thank Mrs. McDaniel because she never stop believing in her students and always wants what's best for them, and I'd thank her for that.”--Candess Leituala Fou


“Although Mrs. Jacobs used to give out plenty of work and was strict on how she wanted her assignments to be turned in, I really appreciated it. At the beginning of 9th grade, I was a TERRIBLE writer, but by the end of it, I think I became a better one. Her mini-lessons on mistakes writers make regarding the usage of commas or semicolons were extremely helpful. In English, even the most minor mistakes can impact the way another interprets what they're reading. Today, I enjoy writing and I have her to thank for it. Thank you, Mrs. Jacobs!”--Jasmine Sohal


“Mr. Philips helped me excel in band, the place where I made many friends and created many memories.”--Colin Marker


“I’d like to thank Mr. Philips because his music appreciation class has taught me that music genres can be extremely diverse. This has motivated me to try and make music.”--Savannah Blancarte


“I would like to thank Mr. McCabe for always pushing me to be a good student despite difficult times. He has always been understanding and been very supportive. He is always making his students smile and will do anything to see them succeed. Thank you Mr. McCabe for everything. I wish him and his family the best.”--Angela Salazar


“The environment of Mr. Tran's classroom was so unique. It was an AP class so it had its fair share of work, but the laidback, open mood that Tran carries enabled the class to be so fun. Paired with his labs and constant generosity with food, Tran's class was probably the most memorable and enjoyable AP class I have had by far. It was also the class that allowed me make so many close friends.”--Justin Bou


“Mr. Bedell has been an amazing coach and good voice of reason who has helped me figure out what is best for me to be successful. He has given me a lot of much needed guidance and has made the best out of the school year for me by giving us one last football season.”--Colby Schwenson


“Mrs. Miranda always believed in me in accomplishing many big things in life and pushed me to always do my best.”--Samantha Salmeron


“Philips was more than the band director and orchestra teacher at times, and he tried to better his students as people and as musicians as well and he is just a great teacher to have in your corner.”--Brandi Cason


“Ms.Vanderbaan helped me over the years and just has been a huge help and over all she has been a really good teacher.”--Bryan Crespo


“I’d like to thank Ms.Ugale because she always pushes me to do better and prepared.”--Edith Hernandez


“Ms. Fletcher she always kept the energy in class positive, and was patient with me and a lot of other kids in class when we weren’t understanding something.”--Lia Neff


“I've had Mrs.Valenzuela in 7th, 10th, 11th, and in 12th grade. She's helped improve not only my writing but communication skills to help me get out there. She is just an overall amazing teacher to have throughout the years. In her class I've experienced talking to new people, learning new sports, having a last class with my sister, and being a part of the windjammer crew. I have so many memories in her class and it's going to be one of the things I'm going to miss the most.”--Ashley Eggum


“I’d like to thank Mr. Philips for making me the very best that I could be as a musician, as a person, and as a leader.”--Raphael Yap