Senior Top Ten

1. Kevin Gomes



GPA: 4.71

Kevin Gomes feels honored and accomplished being Valedictorian for the 2020- 2021 school year. Although he is proud of being Valedictorian, he under-stands that at the end of the day, it is just a label -- one that pushes him to “continue striving, to not settle for the mean but instead strive to be excep-tional.” In his four years at Mayfair, he has taken 14 Advanced Placement (AP) classes: Human Geography, World History, Computer Science Principles, US History, Psychology, US History, Psycho-logy, English 11, Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, English 12, and US Government. Along with

keeping up with his AP classes, he made sure to stay involved in multiple extracurri-culars such as Computer Science Club, MAP, CSF, and track and field. This upcoming Fall he will be attending UC Berkeley and will major in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He wants to become a lead engineer at Tesla/SpaceX or be- come an angel investor. Although this year looked different, he remained motivated by follow-ing people he looks up to such as entrepreneur Tim Ferriss, marketer Ryan Holiday, and others. He urges under-classmen to “embrace discomfort” and to do what you want in high school. His hobby throughout the pandemic was to listen to long-form podcasts and practicing calisthenics.  

2. Madison Nguyen



GPA: 4.67

Madison Nguyen expresses her gratitude towards being Salutatorian for the 2020-2021 school year, saying that it is “gratifying”. She is grateful that the work that she has put into high school has not been in vain, but rather accumulated into something to be proud of. While attending Mayfair, Nguyen has taken a total of 10 AP classes: Human Geography, World History, US History, Language and Composition, Environ-mental Science, Psychology, Economics (macro and micro), US Government, Calculus AB, and Literature and Composition. Not only did Nguyen partake in a series of AP courses, she also found herself involved in

many extracurricular activities, including MAP, Environmental Science Club, Key Club, CSF, and NHS. Other activities also include hosting community service outings, varsity tennis, MTAC program for piano, violin, and teaching internships. This Fall, Nguyen plans to attend UCLA and majoring in biology and possibly minoring in public health while striving for her dream of entering the field of health, primarily endodontics, pediatric orthodontics, or orthopedic surgery. Although this year was found to be extremely chaotic and difficult, she “knew that her senior year, regardless of the social isolation or the mono-tony, was crucial, because it was the year that she could prove to herself that all the work that she had done was not thrown away” and knowing that statement gave her enough motivation to push through. Nguyen speaks out on her perspective on the grand scheme of things, influencing others to think of inconveni-ences or hardships in life in retrospect to life as a whole. She has found her main hobby through the pandemic to be cooking and creating something while making it delectable. 

3. Albert Aguilar Soriano; GPA= 4.60

Aguilar SorianoAlbert29126-215.jpg

For Albert Aguilar Soriano, being part of the Top Ten has been a fun experience due to the friendships he has created over the years with some of the other Top Ten seniors. While attending Mayfair, he has taken a total of 11 AP classes: Human Geography, Chemistry, Computer Science, Spanish IV and V,  Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Economics, Government, World History, and English 11. While hitting the books, he was also in clubs such as NHS and CSF, and stayed  involved in his church and played tennis and baseball on the weekends. In the Fall, he will be attending University of California, Irvine. and plans to major in Chemistry while working toward a teaching credential. He is not sure exactly what kind of career he would like, but knows that he wants to make a lot of money in order to aid his family in the future. His main hobby during the pandemic was playing video games because he “never really had the chance to play many throughout high school due to homework and studies.”

4. Thomas Luong; GPA= 4.57


Thomas Luong is happy to be part of the  Top Ten, recognizing that all of the time he spent taking challenging courses and extracurriculars resulted in a valuable accomplishment. While attending Mayfair, Luong has completed a total of 11 AP classes: Human Geography, World History, Calculus AB, English Language, Chemistry, Government, Calculus BC, Biology, Literature and Composition, US Government, and Economics (micro and macro). Also in his high school career, Luong played the clarinet in the Mayfair Monsoon Marching Corps. He is planning to attend the University of California, Irvine as a biology major in hopes to work as a cardiologist in the future. In the loss of normality during COVID, Luong noted that he “did not particularly thrive”, but having the desire to keep the same mindset and work ethic that he has had throughout high school has motivated him to continue through the chaos. He has expressed his advocacy in self-importance and putting your own health (mentally and physically) before anything else always. A hobby that Luong has recently started has been working out and hiking, revealing that it lets him “enjoy the beauty of nature and get some exercise in at the same time.”

5. Tyler Bartschi; GPA= 4.56


Making Top Ten was a big accomplishment for Tyler Bartschi. While at Mayfair, he has taken 8 AP classes: World History, English 11 and 12, Computer Science Principles and Computer Science A, U.S. History, Economics, and Biology. He is a part of CSF and MAP, as well as Computer Science Club. He will be attending  Brigham Young University in Utah in the Fall to study Computer Science in hopes of becoming  a computer programmer or engineer. He says that it was hard for him to stay motivated this year, but the fact that he is almost in college helped him to keep working hard during his senior year. He encourages underclassmen to “to take some time for yourself and remember that school doesn't have to be your entire life.”

6. Breana Garcia; GPA= 4.52

We did not hear back from Breana Garcia but we wanted to acknowledge her accomplishment in being part of the Top Ten. The Windjammer wishes her the best after High School.

7. Hunter Wood; GPA= 4.51


Hunter Wood rightfully enjoys being part of the Top Ten, especially because he is  in good company with his best friend Nawoda Wijesooriya. While at Mayfair, he has taken 13 AP classes: Computer Science Principles, Human Geography, Computer Science A, World history, Psychology, U.S. History, Calculus AB and BC, English Language and Composition, Environmental Science, English Literature, Economics, and Government! He was involved in Lock Club, NHS, CSF, and MAP. He will be attending the University of California, San Diego in the Fall to major in Biology as he wants to work in the medical field. He urges underclassmen to make the most of high school and to not “waste every moment studying and doing school work.” His main hobby throughout this year was to drive to random places to relax and destress. 

8. Justin Bou; GPA= 4.50


Justin Bou believes that with his place in the Top Ten for the 2021 senior class, all of the hard work put into high school has equated to an accomplishment. While at Mayfair, Bou has taken 11 AP classes: Human Geography, US History, Language and Composition, Environmental Science, Economics (macro and micro), US Government, Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Computer Science Principles, and Literature and Composition. Along with taking AP courses, Bou was involved with clubs like MAP, CSF, Environmental Science Club, NHS, UNICEF, and Lock Club, while also in tennis and golf. He has plans to attend University of California, Los Angeles and major in engineering. During his time in school, Bou has had the mentality of “trying to put forth the effort in school” and has embraced that mentality, enforcing him to work through the difficulties of online learning. One thing that Bou encourages underclassmen to do is to enjoy high school while you have the opportunity. In his experience, once you graduate, being with your close friends and teachers will begin to change before you realize it. During COVID, Bou decided to pick up a few hobbies such as cooking, skateboarding, Chinese yo-yo, and tennis.

9. Nawoda Wijesooriya; GPA= 4.50


Nawoda Wijesooriya says that he is satisfied with being part of the Top Ten, but values the friends he has made along the way more than his class ranking. While attending Mayfair, he has taken 12 AP classes:  Human Geography, Computer Science Principles, World History, Computer Science A, Environmental Science, English Language, Calculus AB, US History, Calculus BC, English Literature, US Government, and Economics. He also participated in clubs, including UNICEF, MAP, CSF, Environmental Science Club, and Lock Club, all while being part of the Marching Corps and the tennis team. He will be attending the University of California, Berkeley in the Fall and will be majoring in Computer Science. His goal is to gain financial freedom in order to “fully enjoy the wonders of life.” What kept him motivated throughout this year was that he thought all of his work would mean nothing if he gave up his last year. From his own obstacles and experiences, he advises underclassmen to find an overall goal early on and find the motivation to reach that goal.

10. Xela Dinh; GPA= 4.49


Xela Dinh expresses her surprise for being in the Top Ten, saying, “I chose not to look at grades as a competition and have only gone throughout high school trying my best.” While at Mayfair, Dinh has taken 9 AP classes: Human Geography, World History, Language and Composition, Environmental Science, United States History, Literature and Composition, U.S Government, Economics, and Calculus AB. She is also part of MAP, serves as CSF president, and has been on the tennis team since 10th grade. She is currently committed to the University of California, Irvine as a civil engineering major, hoping that her future job allows her to express creativity for the benefit of others. Finding motivation to push through this year has been difficult, but taking it day by day has been the easiest outlet to stay focused and make time for herself. Advice from Dinh would be to surround yourself with people that not only better yourself but influence the betterment of your academics. One hobby that Dinh has started through COVID has been nail art design, and she is planning on getting a nail technicians license in the near future.