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For this month’s music review, I decided to review a not-too-well-known band with around 800,000 monthly listeners on Spotify called Tipling Rock. Because they're not really out there yet, it isn't easy to get much information on what they're about. The band consists of three of the members: Ben Andre on vocals and guitar, Tommy Schubert on drums, and Dillon Salkovitz on bass. They've been making beach-like music together since high school. Later down the line, Matthew Lewin joined on guitar when they were starting in college. The playlist has a ton of followers now, and even at the time I think it had a few hundred thousand. They made a hit song titled, “low tide love,” which then got a lot of attention from smaller indie blogs and was placed in a Spotify playlist called Fresh Finds. They made it as the first song and that really “brought so much joy to them because they were finally getting recognized for their work.”

Something I really admire about this band is that you can feel how genuine and real they are through their music. If you like indie music such as Dayglow, Boy Pablo, Kid Bloom, and Vista Kicks, you'll definitely take a liking to Tipling Rock. I honestly can't really choose a favorite song from them because they're all really good! It makes me feel really relaxed and content with the life I live. I highly recommend them if you're looking for a new indie band to get into.

Rating: 5/5

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