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Will vs Want

Do you know the difference between will and want? In life, we always say “I want” or “I will” or “I wish” but nothing gets done. Wanting is so different then willing to do something! Know what you want to do.

When you tell someone “I want to do this, I want this,” you have the right that when you come back to see the person and you haven't gotten what you want, you can say “I said I wanted to do it, not I will.” That way you aren’t made fun of or judged because you didn’t say “will” which is much stronger.

“Will” is a powerful statement. When you say “I will do something”, that means you will put the work towards it. If you say you will, it comes with a cost that you need to actually work, put in time, and want it more than anyone and be the hardest worker in the room. The word “will” means it’ll come with lots of responsibilities, unlike using the word “want”.

In my opinion, “will” and “want”-- if you really desire anything when using those words you need to put in the work and not kill time. For example, Patrick-Bet-David, he never uses the word “will” unless he has a plan to get to his goal or will do it. That's one of the reasons he is part of the 1% wealthy class. Therefore, you should always know when to use the words “will” and “want”.

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