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Warning: Spoilers for the Percy Jackson Show

Season 1 Percy Jackson and the Olympians is officially out! The season consisted of 8 episodes based on the iconic early 2000’s children books by author Rick Riordan. As the author was actually part of the development and writer on the show the adaptation was very accurate to the books which has fans ecstatic. All the episodes were quite consistent with the book and accurate on events that occurred. Including well as action and sappy moments.

Overall the finale was amazing but definitely had some cringe moments that teens couldn’t relate too.

For instance the relationship between Luke and Percy, and the betrayal that came up between them was really good.

The actor of Luke, Charlie Bushnell did a great job of developing Luke which had fans supporting the character, making his betrayal top tier. Something else that was done really well but was a little different then the movie was Medusa’s story-line and introduction.

Medusa was more powerful and was portrayed as a victim, which was definitely a good choice and Jessica Parker was perfect for it.

The season second to last episode even had an easter egg, intestinal or not, using an actor that also appeared in the 2010 movie. The actor was Julian Richings, he played Crusty son of Poseidon on the show and in the movie he played the ferryman. This is just one of the many easter eggs throughout the show.

Another that was very popular mong the fan base on Tik Tok was the supposed shouting of Nico and Bianca DeAngelo’s names in the Lotus Casino Episode. As they are among the most loved characters that show up in the later books in the series.

There are many YouTube videos and podcasts breaking down the show, or just discussing things like Seaweed Brain, and Movie Flame. If fans of the show want to get into the show its recommended they look at the breakdowns mentioned earlier or simply start with the books.

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