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Vibez Cafe

Updated: Apr 22

Vibez Cafe is a family-owned business located in Lakewood, CA. It officially opened on February 1 and they have already received many outstanding reviews. The cafe is run by Elena Lucero, who graduated from Mayfair in 2018 and participated in sports such as soccer, track, and cross country. She was part of the homecoming court, ASB, and Spanish Club while at Mayfair.

Lucero is from the big island of Hawai’i and every year she would go visit the island. This year things were different due to COVID-19. She decided that if she couldn’t go visit Hawaii she’d bring Hawaii to California. Lucero didn’t know that she would end up running a business when she graduated, as the cafe was simply a leap of faith, but she did always know that she wanted to be her own boss.

Vibez Cafe hasn’t had a grand opening due to COVID-19 but they still receive many customers throughout the week who love what they have to offer. Vibez Cafe offers a variety of foods such as acai bowls, sandwiches, waffles, rainbow bagels, and vegan choices such as their veggie wraps. When I entered the cafe I was greeted enthusiastically, which as a customer makes me feel cared for. There are vibrant tropical paintings on the walls and the restaurant is just a total vibe on its own with music playing in the background.

I decided to do my food review on one of their sandwiches. They have six different sandwich options, and I decided to try one of Lucero’s favorites, which is the pastrami sandwich. The pastrami sandwich includes swiss cheese, peppers, onions, garlic, and peppercorn. I was nervous to try it because I’m not a big fan of pastrami but once I tasted it all together with the veggies, it was very savory which I enjoyed. The bread, however, was a little dry. I would rate the sandwich a 4 out of 5 just because the bread didn't really agree with my taste buds. However, the complimentary shaved ice that Lucero gave me was really good -- a 5 out of 5. I think my favorite part of the cafe was honestly walking in and being greeted because it makes the customer feel valued and welcomed. If you like supporting your local small businesses then stop by Vibez Cafe, located on 5517 Del Amo Blvd. They are open Monday-Saturday between the hours of 9am and 7pm. For more information go to their Instagram page, @vibezcafe_ .

Rating: 4.5/5

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