• Ashley Eggum

TikTok Trends

On the currently influential app TikTok, there are many trends going on all at once. One of these popular topics is called “POV’s.” POV's point of view. A POV video can include many scenarios that could be funny, intriguing, emotional etc. A lot of POV’s tell a short story which the person who makes the videos will split up into two-to-four parts. Splitting the story up is a strategy to keep the viewer’s attention, but also to bring viewers to their page for maybe a follow. In other words, splitting up POV videos is a ploy to create suspense or to gain popularity.

Additionally, another popular topic on TikTok is making all sorts of foods and drinks. The person who makes the video shows the viewer the recipe that they are making and brings them step-by-step on how to make it. Usually the recipes are an easy and fast way to make dinners or desserts for families, such as chicken casserole or sugar-coated fruits. Similarly, another popular trend at the moment is people showing how they make their coffee, including all types from frappuccinos to cold brew. Coffee is very popular right now and known to be a little pricey as well, so these TikTokers show neat and brief ways to make different flavors of coffee at home. They imitate the coffee from a particular place or chain and make it so viewers can also make it just with the things they have at home.

Furthermore, trends on TikTok are influenced by what people watch the most and what viewers see the most on their page. To see some of these trending videos, use the search bar to look up “POV” or “food recipes.” It is a learning experience and simply entertaining to know what can be found on this app.

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