• Bryana Palacios

Tiktok Fashion Trends

Lately on TikTok the fashion trends have kind of been all over the place. There are different types of styles that girls and also guys like to wear, which are the baggy clothes. Some kind of jogger with either an over sized hoodie or shirt. Some examples just to put a picture in your head, is kind of what Billie Eilish wears. She likes to wear baggy clothes, but she has her reasons and she has a different style. It’s her own style. It can be good for either attire, you can wear it in a dressy way or just casual or just a lazy day. For the girls, a cute crop top or also a baggy shirt if you aren’t comfortable with showing a little stomach. There are many other things such as little businesses that are trying to promote their business online. Not only clothing but also room decor. For a while there were the clouds on the ceiling and how they put the LED lights to make it seem like there was thunder. It is dangerous because it can be a fire hazard, but you for sure have to get the right material so nothing like that happens. Back to the topic of clothing and fashion trends,TikTok is a good place to see what outfit or what color would go well with other clothes and to see new clothing to wear maybe out of your comfort zone.

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