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This Chicken Sandwich Tops Popeyes Infamous Chicken Sandwich but--It’s Vegan?!

It’s been three years since I decided to go vegetarian. Let me just say it wasn’t easy at first since I grew up incorporating chicken, pork, or beef into every meal I ate. However, I quickly got used to the no meat lifestyle and have been happy ever since (for the most part). This is because chicken sandwiches happen to be my oldest sister’s favorite food, so she is constantly buying them. I’ve tried my fair share of vegetarian and vegan burgers but it’s so hard to find a good vegan chicken sandwich. Even being able to find a vegan chicken sandwich is a journey in itself.

I had seen this place on TikTok called Plant Power. This place is highly famous for its vegan fast food. After watching several videos on Plant Power, I decided to visit their Long Beach location and try it out for myself.

Upon arriving, there was no line in their drive-thru. Luckily, I already knew what I wanted so I ordered my food straight away. I ordered the buffalo wings, the chicken sandwich, their famous iconic fries, and an Oreo shake. It took about 10 minutes to get my food and once I did, I only took one picture because I was so excited to try it all. Their buffalo wings were very good -- they’re similar to the MorningStar Farms buffalo wings. The only difference is that these buffalo wings had more of a spicier kick to it. I would give the buffalo wings a solid 9.5/10 just because it was similar to what I’ve already tried before.

Next up, I tried their iconic fries. These were very similar to In-NOut’s animal style fries,which include fries topped with their thousand islands like sauce, grilled onions and pieces of pickles. I want to say Plant Power’s iconic fries were better than In-NOut’s because they didn’t have that hard texture. I’ll give these a 10/10 because the texture of the fries were amazing and they put the perfect amount of everything on the fries.

I also decided to try their Oreo shake and I was a bit disappointed. It kind of tasted like dough. It was also very thick, so it wasn’t that enjoyable. The shake was a 2/10 because I’ve had better vegan milkshakes elsewhere.

The last item I tried was the vegan chicken sandwich. Before going to Plant Power, I wasn’t expecting the chicken sandwich to be good. I was basically expecting disappointment. However, I was quickly proven wrong. The chicken sandwich was my favorite item. It tasted almost exactly like chicken. My oldest sister even approved of it, which was great.

Overall, going to Plant Power and trying out their items made me feel as if I was in paradise. To anyone who is thinking of trying it out for themselves, I would highly recommend getting the iconic fries, the chicken sandwich, and their secret sauce. The overall pricing of their food was neither expensive nor too expensive. It was definitely worth all my money.If I could, I would give this place a thousand stars.

Plant Power is located at 5095 Pacific Coast Hwy. in Long Beach. Their hours are Monday through Sunday from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.


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