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The Unlimited POWER of Aeries!

Here we are, with another rule for our trustworthy website/app, Aeries. To this day, students, teachers, and staff use Aeries to access grades, student information, and student classes. Recently, they added a new addition, being able to write digital referrals and collecting data on the student's behavior. This is called the “Discipline Screen”. This is most entirely used for all the staff and teachers at the school. They will be able to input student behaviors in and outside of class.

Most importantly, the teachers and staff have the ability to see the trends of behavior within the student; students will face the consequences of their actions such as detention, a notice sent home, ‘time-out’, being sent to the Principal's office, etc.

There are two different categories of someone’s actions: The Minor and Major. The Minor actions are classroom-managed and carry minimum offense; such as using any type of profanity in any language such as shut-up, stupid, and dummy. (I was laughing pretty hard when I saw that.)

On the other hand, the Major actions are office-managed counselor and carry the ULTIMATE OFFENSES such as ditching class or some sort of aggression towards a student or staff member.

The history of the students behavior will be kept in the records until the end of the school year. The school plans on keeping the student’s record permanent on all the different actions and consequences. Meaning your current teachers and future teachers have access to this information.

From what I heard from some teachers, they think it’s a great idea, this way they can access everything simply with the touch of technology. This would make things easier to address the conflicts. Overall, it’s amazing how much we evolved to technology for the safety and betterment of the students. We hope for the best for this school year and for many years to come.

Image courtesy of Aries Mobile Portal.

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