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The Rapid Increase in School Shootings

Lately, there has been an increase in the number of school shootings in recent months. School shootings have become a known trend around the United States. From young freshmen to seniors in high school are being killed during those school shootings. It is upsetting to see the number of innocent people at schools being killed by school shooters.
It is devastating to see students hearing about school shootings before occurring and not speaking about them to adults. It leads to the death and injuries of many young students and school faculty. We were always taught to speak up if we hear rumors about something that might happen on our campus; taking precautions before a fatal incident happens is always the best choice in preventing incidents.
In September of 2019, there were 14 shootings. During the pandemic, there were also about 24 incidents including adults on closed school grounds that were accessible to the public. In the same month last year, there were 55 school shootings recorded in the United States, which is far more than any previous year. According to The Washington Post, eleven of the September shootings occurred at or around high school football games, and some of the most frightening scenes hardly made the local news. At a game in Charlotte, players, coaches and officials fled the field after several gunshots were heard. After a game in Colorado Springs, two teens and an adult were shot just outside a school. In Philadelphia, a game was cut short after 20 shots were fired nearby. The apparent perpetrators ran across the field which left a 14-year-old and a 16-year-old wounded.
While schools across the country have experienced school shootings, our school has experienced many school shooting threats that were found and reported by students. Before the pandemic, Mayfair had a couple of threats in restrooms. After the pandemic, there were many threats that spread on social media of students stating they will shoot the school. Our school has been great at taking precautions and having police and sheriffs on campus to ensure that no such incident happens. These incidents make learning extremely difficult at schools. These issues are extremely serious and cannot be ignored.
Possible causes of school shooting incidents may include the parents being irresponsible, the lack of mental health assistance, and fistfights that led to shootouts because students were armed. Many school shooter students take their parent's guns which shows the lack of responsibility that those parents have to keep their guns in a safe place away from their kids.
There are many ways to prevent future school shootings. One of the ways is for parents to make sure their weapons are kept hidden in a safe place. Another way is for students to speak up if they hear anything from friends planning on shooting the school or have the thought. Raising awareness by school assemblies also helps students to be aware and speak up.

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