• Elizabeth Van de Ven

The Original Battle of Two Beast

For May’s book review, there is a twist to the movie choice. As many have already watched King Kong vs Godzilla that recently came out in early 2021 , there are many that haven't watched the original that was released in June, 1963. The action movie is rated PG-13. The movie starts out with two scientists that were out on a mission for the director of a pharmaceutical company. The existence of King Kong is already known, and so the director, Ren Serizawa sent his scientists out to capture King Kong. He had created a substance that would look and taste good but knock King Kong right out once ingested in his system. Through many challenging courses and events, the scientists end up boating home with King Kong floating on a little wood boat beside them. After arriving at home the news became known that a submarine had hit a glacier resulting in the freeing of Godzilla. After disappearing seven years ago everyone knew or could only assume that Godzilla had died or completely disappeared. It was already known that Godzilla was not to be taken lightly, as he had been beyond vicious in the past. For a moment the scientists contain King Kong but when things get out of control and the beast escapes they can only imagine the outcome. In the gap of time King Kong returns home to where Godzilla has made his new territory. The world around them enters a state of panic when they realize the two beasts will fight a gruesome fight to dominate the space. Only one will win… so who could it be? The movie is available to watch at HBO max or can be purchased on amazon.

Rating: 4/5

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