• Bryana Palacios

The Newest Fashion Trends of 2020

Throughout the years the fashion industry has changed a lot, especially over the past couple of years. This year, the year of 2020 the style has changed in many ways. Right now the style is wearing a mask wherever you go. Due to the virus and how we have to take care of ourselves, we need to take or wear it everyday. Basically that’s the new thing trending right now all over the world. Due to the corona virus everyone has a different style of face masks. Some just wear all black, all white, or different brands. You mostly see everyone with just the recyclable masks, which are just the blue and white ones. Those are the ones that everyone uses due to it being cleaner. The facial masks that are reusable are good too, you just have to make sure that you wash them after you use them. There is no point in wearing a mask if you aren’t going to clean it after using it. It’s actually very dangerous!

Besides the masks that everyone has to wear, other styles are trending in fashions. Girls are wearing leather sweaters and pants. Other things that they wear are called puffer pieces. They are big warm jackets, they’re very warm and keep you cozy, and are overall very fashionable. Another thing that is very trendy right now is the bright winter coats. The Puffer jackets are the ones that have been and most likely will still be in still for a while. High waisted shorts, skirts and jeans are also another piece of clothing that is in style at the moment. Mom jeans have been a big hit lately.

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