• Eden Geddes

The New Beginning of Winter

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is the newest Disney+ show in their releases of the Marvel-based TV shows. It premiered on March 19 and the final episode of the first season was released on April 231, making a total of six episodes, with one coming out every Friday. This series has a lot to live up to, with WandaVision having met incredible success and easily pulled in many new viewers to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Many people expected this to be an intricate show with things constantly being hidden in the background that could only be picked-up on the second watch. While that aspect was somewhat present due to it being a Marvel series, it was not as heavily incorporated like it was in WandaVision. I also feel as though there was a drastic genre change and it while it was expected it still felt a little odd.

Personally, one of my favorite Marvel characters is Bucky (or the Winter Soldier) so I was really excited but also nervous for this series. I had a major fear that the writers would destroy Bucky’s character arc as they had previously done with his storyline that was connected with Steve Rogers. However, I don’t feel as though that happened and I’m glad that I was pleasantly surprised by the series. Furthermore, the acting was extremely convincing and really made you love or hate a character, which was really surprising to see from some new actors being brought in the franchise. Overall I feel as though the show was good and a must watch for Marvel fans but maybe not so much for casual watchers or newcomers to the MCU.


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