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The Mayfair Retirees: Closing a Chapter, Opening a New One Pt. 3

Mrs. Yvonne Hibbing has had a very impressive 32-year career teaching in Bellflower Unified School District. She has taught a grand number of both sports and subjects such as match and health. She taught modern dance, and coached the drill team, softball team, for both middle and high school, track and field, and volleyball. A memorable experience of hers was being able to go on tour to New York with Mrs. Holcomb and her vocal groups! In total, Hibbing has worked with 13 principals and five locker room attendants. She mentioned that she remembers that there was a faculty smoking lounge that was located in the 300 wing on campus. It happened to have a microwave, refrigerator, and a coffee pot.

Aside from all these amazing experiences that Hibbing had while teaching at Mayfair, she was also a Mayfair graduate. She graduated in 1983, and was also Athlete of the Year for her involvement in volleyball, softball, basketball, and track and field. As a former band member, I found it really interesting to read that Hibbing not only played the trumpet in the jazz band but she was also the drum major of the marching band. She recalls meeting Tom Philips (the marching band instructor) at parades when Philips was a “mere child” serving as the Band Director at Norwalk High School.

Another fond memory that Hibbing had while working at Mayfair was when the Drill Team and Band would leave from school every Friday in three school buses full of students and teachers. Following right behind them were cars amongst cars of supportive parents. They would travel to San Diego to compete in the “National City Band Review” competition. She fondly remembers placing in all four categories one year! Hibbing mentions that she also remembers when a bus broke down on the side of the 405 Freeway and another had to be sent out.

In addition to all of the sports she was in, Hibbing was also in clubs including A.F.S Club (American Field Survey Club), Backpacking Club, and Drama Club. She shared that she played her trumpet and won the Senior Scholarship Award. Adding on to her favorite memories at Mayfair, Hibbing said that announcing the halftime shows during the home football games up in the sky box at the top of the football stadium was beyond memorable.

After retiring, Hibbing plans on traveling to Idaho as well as Montana. She also plans on going on an exciting Mississippi River cruise that will take her from New Orleans, Louisiana to Memphis, Tennessee. Advice she has for new teachers is to have patience and a sense of humor. She advises that students will remember how it is you made them feel. Another important piece of advice she has for teachers is to invest wisely! She says “It’s not the amount of money you invest, it’s the number of years that will make your money grow!” As for students, she gives the advice of getting involved, for those will be the best memories of your high school career. She said she will greatly miss all of her staff members as well as students that have come in and out of her life.

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