• Ashley Flores

The Mayfair Retirees: Closing a Chapter, Opening a New One Pt. 2

Mr. Jeff Coulter has been part of the Mayfair community for a total of 38 years! He mentioned that he attended Mayfair for high school, then he ran a Mayfair-based youth ministry. He also served as a teacher for 27 years. He said that his favorite memories of Mayfair will all be in his book. He mentioned “there will be a zillion chapters.” In a very thoughtful response, Coulter said that the thing he will miss the most about Mayfair is the daily small interactions he had with young people. He said that getting to know them and making friends with them was a privilege. Working at Mayfair impacted Coulter’s life in a way that he was able to share his gifts with them. When asked how Mayfair impacted his life, he said “I feel as if I spent my working years giving of myself in a way God specifically gifted me to give, building into the lives of young people.”

He said that deciding to work at Mayfair was an easy choice because he was an alumni. “My heart was there” he explained. Coulter said that the legacy he wants to leave behind at Mayfair is through his former students sharing the positive experiences they had with him as a teacher.

With the pandemic vastly affecting the school year, Coulter said that that was the deciding factor in his retirement. He expressed that he was happy about the fact that he did not have to do a single day of two-dimensional instruction. After retirement, Coulter says that he wants to “sail the west coast from California south into Mexico, around Cabo San Lucas and up into the Sea of Cortez.” He would also like to motorcycle across the United States in order to see new things as well as meet new people. He plans on writing or even vlogging about his experiences.

Coulter said that he was greatly influenced by many of his co-workers, however his freshman social studies teacher, Mr. Merle Bailey, as well as his sophomore social studies teacher, Mr. Nick Perilki, were the ones who influenced him the most. He commented that they were motivated by love. A motto that Coulter lives by that has impacted his life is “All I know is Christ, and Him crucified”- 1 Corinthians 2:2. He said that this passage has transformed him into who he is and what he will be.

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