• Ashley Flores

The Mayfair Retirees: Closing a Chapter, Opening a New One Pt. 1

As the school year comes to a closing, there are several staff members that are closing their chapter at Mayfair.

Mrs. Candace Rice-Henderson, a former clerk for Mayfair High School worked for the district for a total of eight years. What made her start working at Mayfair was that she figured that a part time job would be fun, exciting, and helpful. When asked what her favorite memory of Mayfair was, she said it was “crunch times.” Her time at Mayfair allowed her to have new friends, new experiences, as well as new memories. Rice-Henderson mentioned that Kim Milot, all her office workers, and all of her teachers really influenced her time here at Mayfair.

As we all know, due to the pandemic it was impossible for all of us to enjoy school in person. Rice-Henderson said that the pandemic worked out for her due to her fight with cancer, and that she has adapted to the changes that the pandemic has brought the best she could. During her free time, Rice-Henderson enjoys gardening. The advice she has to offer to any new staff member is to keep an open mind as well as an open heart. As for students, she advises that they enjoy life, since these are the best years of it. After retiring, she plans on focusing on her health and spending time with her family. A motto that Rice-Henderson lives by is “Live each day as if it is your last, appreciate every day!”

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