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The Marías live at The Greek

The indie pop band, The Marías, recently released their debut album during the pandemic, Cinema. Concerts were one of the biggest social events that were unfortunately canceled during the pandemic, but finally after 2 years they have been showing large comebacks. Following the release of their debut album and reality starting to shift back into its “old self”, the band was able to begin their Cinema Tour in January of 2022. Selling out more than half of their shows for their tour, they also began touring with hit artist Halsey over summer, as well as booking music festivals to perform for their audience. Following their 2022 tour, they added a surprise concert on October 1, 2022 at The Greek Theater as an extended show to wrap up the Cinema Tour.

The show was a very heartwarming experience for both the band as well as the audience. The band had two openers: Holdan and Lolo Zouaï, who were two different opening artists in contrast to the original shows they performed earlier in the year. Following the two amazing artists, The Marías opened their show with an intimate message from Maria, the lead singer. She expressed to the audience her excitement and nervousness for the show that Saturday night, as her previous night was very hard for her. She expressed her strong emotions on the anxiety she faced the previous event and apologized if she “didn’t seem herself”, but she pushed on and communicated with the audience that all her energy for the show was coming solely from the sold out stadium she was faced with.

The band played many songs from their new album along with other familiar songs from their discography. Maria was very active with the audience when it came to interacting with them and posing for pictures.

Midway through the show, Maria announced that selling out The Greek was a huge deal for many reasons; many of the band members grew up in Los Angeles right by The Greek and pursued music because of its influence on their upbringing. The fact that every band member's families were all in the same venue watching them finally perform in the theater that influenced their goals was extremely sentimental for the band.

Maria confessed that October 1st was her brother’s 10 year anniversary with his wife, Jessie, and she expressed her love for the couple to the audience and even brought Jessie on stage to sing “Over the Moon”, a very romantic and heartfelt song. The duet was full of love that enveloped the audience that Saturday night. Maria was very honest and with her audience that night, making the concert that much more special.

In addition to all the magical moments, Maria also performed a song the band had done with hit artist, Bad Bunny, and reported on the hurricane devastating Puerto Rico (Maria’s home country) and how 100% of the profits made off the exclusive Greek Theater x Marías T-shirt would be going straight to Puerto Rico donation centers to help victims and residents. The Marías surprise show at The Greek was a touching night for everyone, as the band continues to express their love for the night on social media, and plan to continue to keep posting about any future shows they’ll perform.

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