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The Last Serve

The woman, the myth, the legend: Serena Williams, is now sadly going to leave us for a calmer lifestyle. Williams has sadly left the tennis scene of the world after years of proving to us that she is at the top of the world and left a very long lasting legacy. In the years that Serena has played tennis she has left very lasting impressions on the world and even her very own father. Though we can’t just start at the end, the best thing to do is to go back to the beginning. The best of the best always start somewhere and that is where we’ll stay.

Serena Williams grew up in Palm Beach, Florida and was born on September 26, 1981. Her and her older sister, Venus, have been in the tennis scene since 1995 and have continued up until now. The sisters were first taught tennis by their father in Palm Beach. This action was tough because of the racial segregation they faced when trying to practice. Yet, they still prevailed in their actions and were able to train hard and reach their goals of becoming known. Through those hardships together in doubles, they earned 14 women's titles. But of course after that, Serena went on to do singles. Her singles matches were always the best of the best. Having won so many matches it seems so easy, but it wasn’t all for nothing as she surpassed many expectations. And with that she won 23 singles titles with that for the last few years. She will be missed and forever remembered and loved. In our hearts of hearts, she will forever and always be a legend no matter what. Thank you Serena and enjoy your retirement after your career of 27 years. Forever and always from the bottom of our tennis hearts love-all first serve.

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