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The Flash S9 Premiere

[Be aware of spoilers for past and present seasons of The Flash]

This past Wednesday, February the 8th, episode 1 of the 9th season of The Flash premiered on the CW. The premier is the start of the end for The Flash, as last year the company announced the show would have one last season. The news was quite sad because the show has been running since 2014, but it's also expected because normally shows don’t last that long, especially not nowadays.

Now, onto discussing the episode and giving my review. The episode started with Team Flash fighting a lava monster, what I felt was an amazing showcase of their powers. Including that of Killer Frost even though she's dead, since that's what happened at the end of season 8. The team then turned against Barry by saying the things that would hurt Barry the most. Shortly after Barry was shown waking up, as if he was just having a nightmare.

The scene then changed to Iris in her office with Allegra delivering news to her. Said news was that the CATCO from Supergirl were interested in expanding Iris’s company. It then transitions to Barry fighting Captain Boomerang, who has appeared in the arrowverse before. After they fight, something happens and Iris and Barry are stuck reliving the same day until they fix things. That story line was decent, I liked it.

The ending was that Captain Boomerang was working with a mystery speedster of Red Lighting and a Bat Signal. Meaning that he is probably working with Red Death, who fans already predicted was going to be the main villain of the show. I’m so excited because it's a villain we haven't seen portrayed yet. Additionally, the last scene shows Danielle Panabaker playing a new character that seems to be a mix between Killer Frost and Caitlin. This is crazy and weird, but also exciting since the characters she plays are some of my favorites. Overall, the episode was a good start, more for the references and appearance then the actual plot line, but it was still really good.

Courtesy of The CW

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