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The Cure is Back on Tour

The Cure is a well known rock band that was created in 1978 by the vocalist Robert Smith. Originally from The United Kingdom, their hit songs “Boys Don’t Cry” and “Just Like Heaven” took fans all across the world by storm. Even though this band is from the 90’s, The Cure has shaped the way for many other alternative rock bands. Now in the 2000’s many believed that The Cure was not as commonly known. However, longtime and new fans are causing sold out shows. Ticketmaster has been stirring up problems for people willing to purchase tickets since they are charging double the price. It has also been said that Ticketmaster has been experiencing some bugs and glitches.

Robert Smith himself sent out a tweet on Twitter stating that,”I am sickened as you all are by today’s Ticketmaster ‘fees’ debacle. To be very clear: The artist has no way to limit them.” Because of this, many tickets that were originally $83 are now going for $138 due to tax fees put into place by the website. Californians especially have experienced the most inflation since the venue is at Los Angeles’ Hollywood Bowl. Many fans were able to purchase pre-sale tickets, but you had to be accepted on TicketMaster in order to gain access. Usually these types of concerts range anywhere from 2-3 hours and some of the setlist consists of “A Night Like This,” “Lovesong,” “Pictures of You” and “Alone.” Their more popular album entitled “Wish” actually reached number one on UK charts and number two on the U.S. Billboard. The Cure recently released the 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition of Wish in 2022 and will most likely be the centerpiece of the concert.

Currently, Smith has been in the works of creating a new album which continues the melancholy feel. The Cure’s up-beat songs tend to be about Robert Smith’s wife and their love for one another. Followers on the other hand love the melodramatic effects the band brings since it serves as various common life experiences. Robert Smith promised to try and resolve the sales issue, but ultimately it is up to Ticketmaster to gain fans’ feedback. Regardless, followers from all different ages will unite together to enjoy a once in a lifetime concert.

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