• Eden Geddes

The Covid Vaccine Controversy

Updated: Mar 16

The COVID-19 vaccine has become a wildly controversial topic in recent history. It has caused quite the uproar on social media, many being either completely pro vaccine or entirely against it. There evidently has not been much middle ground on the situation either -- those who have voiced their opinions have either been fully against it or fully for it. This is also true for myself. However, the controversy does not stop at just the vaccine itself, but it also revolves around who can get it and when. Starting the argument of who should be vaccinated first based on a list of different factors such as age and previous medical conditions. Although the issue of those using money to get vaccinated first had also been raised. Therefore, the subject of the vaccine is not cut and dry as there are many different things being discussed and debated about it.

First, I believe that the vaccine is necessary and should be given out to the public. I not only came to this conclusion just based on the research on the vaccine itself, but also because of what having the vaccine normalized could do for the country. More selfishly, as a senior in high school, I would do almost anything I could to get life to go back to normal. Having lost my senior year was really sad for me and I know many others that resonate with me.. If having the vaccine administered to others would give me a chance at a real college experience, then I would be all for it. Also, the devastation from the virus has been tragic across the country. The loss of many lives is unfair, and hopefully with the administering of the vaccine that number doesn’t have to continue to grow. Ideally, less and less people would be affected and not have to catch the virus.

Furthermore, the issue of who should be getting vaccinated first would have to be discussed after deciding whether or not if you wanted to get it. People like me who are able-bodied, relatively healthy, and young should be lower on the list to be vaccinated. While I would be able to have my life return to normal, I can function decently while remaining in a form of lockdown and avoid catching the virus. There are plenty of people who are not able to do that, like essential workers, so they should be higher up on the list since they are already putting their lives at risk by simply doing their job. Also, since people that are elderly, disabled, and have pre-existing health conditions are already considered high-risk, they should be at the top of the list to be vaccinated. As a community, taking a step back so that those in a more dire situation can get the help they need is really important. Instead, one should do their best to remain isolated until they can be vaccinated.

On the other hand, the concern of people with money and power rushing to be vaccinated is being brought up. While it is important for people in high positions of power, such as the President and Vice President, to be vaccinated so they can remain healthy, it is less important for celebrities or business executives who are not vulnerable to be scooping up the vaccine. If your life can be altered to work remotely and isolate you so you are not at risk, then that is what you should be doing and not taking away what is currently a limited resource from those that desperately need it. However, there are exceptions to every rule and you must use your own judgement to make these decisions for yourself.

In conclusion, the COVID-19 vaccine is important and should be administered to all those possible. I firmly believe that not only everyone should be trying to get vaccinated but also that if there was something dangerous about the vaccine all of these rich and powerful people would not be receiving it. I believe there is nothing to really worry about. Also, until there is more of an abundance of the vaccine available, people should be doing their best to avoid exposure on their own so that the vaccines can be issued out to the more vulnerable first.

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