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The Carrollton Texas Fentanyl Scandal

Students of Carrollton Texas middle and high school are facing the problem of fentanyl distribution through fake pills. The two dealers were identified as Luis Eduardo Navarrete and Magaly Mejia Cano. Court documents revealed that the two lived a few blocks from the school, meaning they had easy accessibility to the buyers. Their location provided more evidence against them leading to their arrest. This is heartbreaking that they would sell pills that could take people's lives, especially to teenagers that don’t know better. The fentanyl was pressed into fake pills known as percocets which could potentially kill the user. Texas Governor, Greg Abbott has launched a campaign to prevent fentanyl overdoses after it took multiple young lives. Greg Abbott states, “We’ll need to look for the areas where fentanyl is found most predominantly and make sure Narcan is easily available there.” District facilities were even supplied with Narcan, an emergency drug, in case of an overdose. Peer pressure could also be a big factor for the cause of these overdoses, as it could influence someone to do something they wouldn’t normally do. There has already been 9 overdoses from September of 2022 to February of 2023. Three of these teens, ages 13-17, have died from an overdose on fentanyl. Governor Abbott even went on to state, “Cartels are terrorists, and it’s time we started treating them that way.” These overdoses could lead to the proposal of new laws. If the laws get passed, the dealers of these fake pills could be charged with murder if they’re the ones who sold the laced pills that led to the overdoses. This could be a big help by discouraging a few dealers and forcing them to be more sneaky, making it harder for them. The spread of knowledge on the overdoses is important too because the students should be well informed about the situation to help prevent it.

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