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The Bird Flu Outbreak

The Bird Flu is a virus that mainly only affects birds, but can also affect humans as well. This virus is able to affect every type of bird, but in different ways. So although it is possible for ducks and geese to recover from this disease, chickens and turkeys will die quickly. When birds catch the flu it's obvious because they appear sick. Some symptoms that birds can experience are discoloration, lack of energy, reduced appetite and diarrhea. However there’s also the possibility that while they could have the Bird Flu, they’ll be asymptomatic. As for humans, the symptoms are muscle ache, high temperatures and headaches. These cases of the Bird Flu in humans are very rare, but could unfortunately result in death.

There has been a recent outbreak of the Bird Flu and, while there have been multiple outbreaks of this disease in past years, this one is said to be the largest in history. The virus is called H5N1 and has claimed an extraordinary number of lives which not only belong to birds, but other animals as well. Statistics show that 47 out of 50 states have been affected and about 60 million birds have been affected by this virus, with the death rate currently at 56%. The bird flu is extremely concerning because this virus is spreading very quickly which means that death rates will continue to increase worldwide.

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