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Superbowl LVII

On the day of February 12, 2023 the Kansas City Chiefs played against the Philadelphia Eagles for the Super Bowl championship. The Super Bowl game was played in Glendale, Arizona this year and kickoff started at 3:30 pm. Unfortunately the Philadelphia Eagles lost to the Kansas City Chiefs 35-38 due to a bad call by the refs. The ref called a holding on #24 James Bradberry for supposedly holding on to #9 JuJu Smith’s waist. Even though the Eagles lost, both teams were competing till the clock ran out. The Eagles put up a fight till the end but were unlucky to get the win for their team. Also, the brothers Jason and Travis Kelce both played against each other in the Superbowl this year. Even though Travis won it all, he still showed good sportsmanship towards his brother Jason.

During the first quarter, Jalen Hurts scored a touchdown into the end-zone to put up a lead in the first at 10:13. Patrick Mahomes responded back to Jalen Hurts by getting back a touchdown 3 minutes later at 7:03 in the quarter and making it tied with the extra point that Bukter scored in the goalpost. Then, the next quarter started and Eagles then score again by Jalen Hurts passing the football to #11 AJ Brown 45 yards into the end-zone and Jake Elliot got the extra point conversion taking the lead 14-7. The chiefs then score once again from a fumble that Jalen Hurts made, then #32 Nick Bolton recovered the ball rushing 36 yards into the end-zone making it another touchdown for the Kansas City Chiefs. The score then tied again making it 14-14. The Eagles got the ball back and once again got another touchdown by Jalen Hurts rushing 4 yards into the end zone making it 21-14. They then make it to field goal range before halftime starts and the field goal kicker Jake Elliot kicks the football into the post making it 24-14 for the extra 3 points.

The first half ends, and the Super Bowl 57 halftime show starring Rihanna. Rihanna did a wonderful job in the halftime show singing all her amazing songs she produced. After the show ended, the last half started. In the 3rd quarter the Kansas City Chiefs start to come back scoring a touchdown running 1 yard into the end-zone by #10 Isiah Pacheco making the score 21-24. Jake Elliot then gets a field goal with a minute and forty eight seconds left in the 3rd quarter making the score 27-21 Eagles.

The last quarter then starts and Patrick Mahomes ties up the game passing it to Kadarius Toney rushing 5 yards into the end-zone. Mahomes gets another touchdown passing to Moore for 4 yards to take the lead 35-27. Jalen Hurts responds back and gets a touchdown with only 5 minutes remaining, tying up the game 35-35 with the 2 point conversion. Unfortunately, the Chiefs get a field goal with only 11 seconds remaining taking the lead 38-35. Sadly, Hurts’ hard-work didn’t pay off and the Eagles couldn’t get any points when they received the ball back.

Image Courtesy of Commons Wikimedia

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