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Pastor Ken Goodban & Calvary Baptist Church

Ken Goodban is a head pastor at Calvary Baptist Church in Bellflower, California. He has worked for Calvary for 31 years but has been a pastor for 40 years & still counting.

Pastor Ken first became familiar with Calvary when he was just 17 years old. Being a pastor wasn't always an interest – he thought he was going to graduate from high school and go to college to become an accountant. As he started college, he felt God calling to him to work in ministry. “I wasn’t really happy in the direction I was going, and I just felt like God was calling me and getting me into a new challenge” said Pastor Ken when asked about his journey about becoming a pastor. He has preached at Calvary and another church up in Northern California. 

Being a pastor is no easy task, but seeing the change in people's lives changed that. “Just seeing people’s lives change and really kinda being in the front row of how God is always working in someone's life, and you know going from some rough stuff, tough things and brokenness to really seeing God bring affiliation and feeling in a whole new life,” Pastor Ken explained. 

Calvary Baptist is a very big church with so many activities. From summer/spring spectacular, or the women's tea to it's Christmas missions – there's room for everyone! Pastor Ken said his favorite was Christmas missions because “It's always a fun time. It gets the whole church involved and unified and overall motivated for something bigger than ourselves”. 

The city of Bellflower holds many other churches amongst the city. Calvary is just one of them, Pastor Ken made it clear that he loves the city, as he grew up here. The other churches in the city all have a great relationship with each other, while there is more that could be done. There is great fellowship and commodity there. Just knowing the community has a lot of leaders is really fun”.

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