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Once Again, it’s Proven that the 97% of Women was not a Joke

Updated: May 24, 2021

Once again an outstanding and fun app, TikTok, becomes a platform for negativity and malice. A group of men on TikTok titled April 24 as “National Rape Day,” but it honestly doesn’t even deserve the title. The intent behind this day was for “kings [to] take back what is rightfully [theirs]’' according to involved Facebook and Whatsapp groups. Multiple different platforms went on to spread awareness and ensure safety for those who didn't know about the newly founded “event.”

I will never understand how people are so ignorant and insensitive to issues as big as these in a nation that is improving more and more every day. Although some people believed that this trend or challenge was a joke, it is absolutely disgusting that rape and sexual assult can even be joked about. Almost 434,000 people are victims of sexual assult and rape each year, how is that a joke.

What really made me angry was the fact that people were urging women to stay inside and if they did go out that they should wear baggy clothes and carry some type of defense tool. The problem with this is that it’s not our fault, it never has been. Why are we continuously limited and restricted because of the actions of men? As women we are cautious and observant in order to stay out of danger. We hope that we are not approached by anyone because it is horrifying to be unsure of their intentions. We are always seen as vulnerable therefore we are constantly in jeopardy.

After finally getting the word out about how terrifying it is to be a woman due to the 97% statistic, this trend sparks up all and I have to ask why. People were finally being educated on the struggles a woman faces every day then this wave of ignorance defeats it all. How were people able to go online, start up this “event” and not think twice. The intent behind it isn't even clear, I genuinely don't understand.

This goes on to refute the Not All Men expression. Men went on social media platforms to express their complaints about how they were put in a bad light after the 97% statistic gained traction saying how Not All Men were a part of the issue. However, a group of men literally created a “holiday” in which they would try to assault as many people as possible. How are women supposed to know who they can trust when such a horrendous trend gained traction. I understand that it is wrong to associate a group of people based on those who were the problem but how else can we ensure your safety if we are not careful. It’s disgusting. Trauma from something like this is unexplainable. Women struggle to forgive themselves and feel comfortable in their skin for years after an incident like this. The manner in which TikTok was able to just go ahead and make a trend about assault is repulsive.

There are no cases of rape or sexual assult that were reported after the 24th but many people shared the odd and unsettling occurrences they encountered that day. Some women were followed and stared at when they were alone, which is incredibly terrifying.

TikTok is a very diverse app, containing a large age group of people, most of which are naive. I personally believe that TikTok is a very fun app but trends and dangerous challenges that come out of it are terrifying and should not be tolerated. As a young woman in this society I hope that one day we can put our differences aside and work toward bettering the bigger issues in our world.

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