• Nayari Vasquez

Northern Cafe

Updated: Apr 22

Northern Cafe, located at 11468 South St, Cerritos, is an authentic Chinese restaurant that is open for takeout during the pandemic. Northern Cafe sells food in a typical family style, giving big portions intended to share with others. While I was there, I paid for an order of kung pao chicken, chow mein, and green onion pancakes, all of which were classically made and extremely flavorful. The kung pao chicken, although it wasn't spicy, was very juicy and tasted especially fresh. I know this establishment makes their noodles from scratch, and it was never more prevalent than when eating the chow mein. Before the pandemic, it was common to see someone in the kitchen slaving away at the house-made noodles. I am happy to say that during this uncertain time this practice has not strayed from their noodles, as the chow mein was supple in flavor and texture. Green onion pancakes are my favorite dish to get at any Chinese restaurant, and Northern Cafe is no exception. Their green onion pancakes, arguably best served with soy sauce, were flaky and the perfect side dish to my meal. All in all, Northern Cafe never fails to impress the hungry stomachs of my family members and I. As one of my favorites before the pandemic, I am glad to see that their standard of food quality and customer service never faltered. If you are ever in the mood for real, authentic, and freshly made Chinese food, Northern Cafe is the place for you.


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