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Music Review: Nick Rattigan

Updated: Feb 10

Nick Rattigan, the lead singer and guitarist of the new wave indie rock band Current Joys, is a unique and shockingly relatable character at the same time. Rattigan, being a multi-instrumentalist, plays all his own instruments for his music. While also being the second half of indie surf rock band Surf Curse, Rattigan released his first album under the moniker TELE/VISIONS in 2011, while also releasing Surf Curse’s first album “Buds” in 2013. “Wild Heart,” being the first album Rattigan released under the name Current Joys, also happens to be my personal favorite. With drum machine and synth-driven beats, this album has a unique 80’s sound throughout its entirety, while also being the only album Rattigan has released with this type of sound. One thing that never changes is that Rattigan’s lyrics are always raw, emotional, honest, and relatable to a point that it almost causes feelings of heartbreak that never existed. It's evident that 19-year-old Rattigan began making music at an age not far from teenage years when one really pays attention to what he is saying in his songs.

While in most of his songs he sings about the hardships of young love and one being lost in a big world, almost every song he writes is about the anxiety young people feel when trying to grow up. In the last track of “Wild Heart” titled “You Broke My Heart,” Rattigan sings, “Love, No I'm not in love 'Cause you're not worth it You're not worth thinking of, And cry, Oh I want you to cry For what you did to me On that night 'Cause I'm scared, God I'm terrified What will happen to my life.” Relationships are hard, and Rattigan sings with such emotion that the listeners feel just how hard and frustrating these things can be. He even slips these kinds of lyrics into the at-first happy sounding music of his other band Surf Curse. In my favorite song, “Forever Dumb,” he sings “I would fall in love with you, but I can't It's too hard, maybe we'll just pretend/ But it's hard when I don't know what to do, I'm angry and I'm tired and confused, I got so many thoughts stuck in my head And none of them make much sense.”

With so much going on and so many new things, many young people are plagued with anxiety and confusing feelings almost daily. I suppose it always helps to know other people feel these things too, at least for me. The music Nick Rattigan creates is something worth checking out, if you feel like crying for no reason that is.

Rating: 5/5

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