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How New Teachers are Adapting to Online Learning

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Along with school changing from in real life to distance learning, there has also been a change to the Mayfair staff this 2020-2021 school year. Mayfair has gained six new teachers, and three new administrators all looking forward to becoming a part of the Mayfair Monsoon family.

Mayfair first new teacher at Mayfair is Austin Cross. This is Austin Cross’ first year teaching, but he has had a history of student teaching for Mrs. McDaniel and being a substitute for a total of three years here at Mayfair. He has just started teaching 10th grade English this year. Mr. Cross graduated from Los Alamitos High School in 2013. He got his associates degree in 2015, his bachelors in 2018, and his teaching credentials in 2019, all at Cal State Long Beach. He wanted to teach English because he found himself good at the subject and enjoyed storytelling. Mr. Cross was actually editor-in-chief in journalism his senior year of high school. He has found distance learning to be challenging, but overall okay. He’s feeling good about the upcoming year along with connecting to his students. Some hobbies of his are cooking, playing video games, and listening to heavy metal. To have fun in quarantine, he has been chilling, googling stuff, listening to music, and starting to find a love in gardening. Mr. Cross wants to gain experience from this year and would like to be remembered as a compassionate teacher who believes in his students.

Second, is Mrs. Ayako Holts. This is her 12th year teaching special education, after previously teaching at Stephen Foster Elementary School. She wanted to teach special education to help them gain confidence and build a strong base for them to move forward. Holts has found teaching upper elementary students the best, but enjoys teaching middle school now as well. She graduated from a high school in Japan and received her bachelor’s from Cal State Dominguez Hills. Some of her hobbies include riding around in her Vespa and hiking; to have fun in quarantine, she has been swimming, cutting her husband and kids’ hair, and visiting Sequoia National Park. She wants to be remembered for helping her students achieve their academic goals. This year, Holts wants to learn all the new tricks and things in Google.

Next, is Elizabeth Hernandez. This is her first year teaching, and was a student teacher for science before that. She came to Mayfair due to the opportunity and the overwhelming amount of welcoming and nice people. She decided to teach middle school science because her favorite subjects were biology and chemistry as she liked questioning, the learning environment, and tutoring. After student-teaching middle school, she knew that was who she wanted to teach. Distance learning has been challenging for her since she can’t see her students all the time and doesn't get the same experience as in real life, but it isn’t going terribly. She graduated from Tustin High School then got her bachelors in biology and masters in education at UC Riverside. Some of her hobbies are getting active by hiking, reading (currently reading Harry Potter), and writing. In quarantine, for fun she has been using Netflix, TikTok, and other social media platforms. Elizabeth wants people to remember that she can be counted on, and that she is always there for her students. One thing she wants to get out of this year is using what she has to make creative lessons and teach her students.

Also joining Mayfair is James Goodlink. James previously taught at Paramount High School for five years in the Resource Specialist Program. He now teaches at Mayfair because of his love for Bellflower and to work further in the Bellflower School District. James started out as a math teacher, but got into RSP due to his family members with special needs and his interest in the field. He enjoys teaching and helping people of all ages. He graduated high school from a private home-school group (Painter Avenue Christian School), then graduated with a Bachelor's degree at Biola University. Some of his hobbies include drawing, reading, watching Disney/Marvel movies, and going to the movies with his wife. Over quarantine he has found a new hobby of building miniature buildings, such as the one he is building right now based on an old Swedish building. One thing he would like to be remembered for is having “the heart of a servant and helping my fellow man.” This year James wants to get to know his colleagues and students better.

Another new teacher this year is Jennifer Campbell. This is her first year teaching as a music teacher, and chose Mayfair because she wanted to be back in her home district. She wanted to be a music teacher because music was the only thing that got her through the good and bad in her life, and was inspired by her past music teachers throughout high school. After teaching music, she wants to get into administration. Jennifer graduated from Bellflower High School and got her degree and credentials at Cal State Long Beach. Distance learning for her has been difficult, but she is optimistic about this year and the opportunity she received. Her hobbies include dancing, watching movies, crafting, DIYing, watching youtube, and trying new foods every weekend. In quarantine, she has gotten a new rescue puppy and gone to all of the parks and trails in her area. Drive-in theaters and zoom hangouts with friends are also a main things she has done over the past few months. As a teacher she would like to be remembered for being there for her kids, and as a person, known for her kindness and success. This year Jennifer wants her students to succeed, and wants to feel accomplishment through them.

Lastly, Mayfairs Daniel Rajan is a new chemistry and biology teacher. This is his first year teaching, but he has substituted in previous years. He decided to teach at Mayfair because Mayfair to him is his family and home. As a Mayfair alumni, he had Mr. McCabe and Mr. Falk for teachers in highschool; it became full circle when he became a teacher alongside them. He decided to go into chemistry because he had always loved chemistry and had been fascinated by it. He loves the idea of all subjects of science but decided to specialize in chemistry, specifically because of how much he has studied it over the years. Distance learning has been good so far, and he’s trying to make the best out of what he has this year. He enjoys every grade and wants to become a principal or vice principal in the future. He graduated from Mayfair High School in 2012 and attended Cal State Long Beach. Some of Daniel’s hobbies are basketball and reading about science, technology, and basketball. He wants to be remembered for being a positive influence on future generations and helping the community. One thing he wants to get out of this year is to become a better teacher.

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