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My Thoughts on the Ashoka Series

Star Wars has been on a rise and downfall all in recent years. With the deal between Disney and Star Wars some might believe that the production quality has been at a low. With the sequels some shunned Star Wars out due to the poor production and writing of the movies. However in my opinion with the works of Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau Star Wars has made a comeback. The Mandalorian, Andor, and now Ashoka in my opinion have all been solid. I think with the creation of the Ashoka Series, Star Wars is heading in a new direction

“Ashoka” takes place in the post-Galactic Civil War and follows Ashoka on her struggle to bring back Ezra. As you can see this series is mostly catered to hardcore fans that watched basically every Star Wars content there is. The characters in the show are less known and Ashoka is already a character that is only shown in two series. If you have not watched Star Wars Rebels or not even the Clones Wars, I do not recommend this show for you.

So far the show has been good at best. It has some problems with the acting and production, but overall the show is setting up the Star Wars universe for more. I really hope that they don't rush this story like Marvel and help build up suspense for other projects. Without giving away too much detail there is a big surprise in Ashoka and overall I think that Star Wars can head in a great direction if done right. I believe this is a stepping stone for the production.

Now what I dislike about Ashoka is that it feels like fan-service. Ashoka is a really interesting character but for some reason I don’t enjoy seeing her on the screen as much as I did before. I feel that Star Wars is just pushing her on the screen and I don't feel like there is development. In the show I feel like they just bring out characters that people like and expect the viewers to enjoy them like we once did. I think what made the Mandolorian and Andor so good is that they couldn't rely on the characters people enjoyed in other content but solely relied on the basis of the story. In Andor and Mandolorian they created great characters and didn't just reuse them. If Star Wars wants to reuse characters they have to grow them and not just use them.

Overall Ashoka might not be the perfect show but I do think it can set up Star Wars for a new era, a new beginning, and a new time of improvement.

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