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Music Review: Mac DeMarco

Mac DeMarco is a Canadian singer and multi-instrumentalist hailing from Duncan, British Columbia on Vancouver Island, and raised in Edmonton, Alberta. He is possibly one of the goofiest human beings alive. With his never serious attitude and energy that Mac brings everyday, he has earned himself names like the “goofball prince of indie rock” and the “richest bum,” as he also looks like a hungover bum at times.

Mac DeMarco’s sound is a hard one to place, as almost every album has a different sound and vibe entirely. While some have called his music slacker rock, bluewave, and indie rock surly, Demarco himself calls his style of music “Jizz-Jazz.” Mac DeMarco’s earliest works when he played as Makeout Videotape are my favorite since most of his music from that period is fairly unknown, and the sound is unlike any of his other albums, as it sounds like every EP was recorded through a wet box of cigarettes inside of a broken toaster. Makeout Videotapes’ dirty, noisy sound changed as he released his first album as Mac DeMarco in 2012. The album “Rock and Roll Night club” has a new tone as Mac seems to have discovered the world of reverb. Later that year Mac released his album “2,” arguably his most successful album. “2” has a fun, road trip feel to it as Mac seems to find his balance between vocals and guitar, producing the signature DeMarco sound.

He then released “Salad Days” in 2014, another wildly popular album where his music takes on a more synth-driven sound, producing an album with a psychedelic feel. In 2015 he released his album “Another One.” At this point, he seemed to slow it down a little and began to take his music a little more seriously. He says that “Rock and Roll Night Club” and most of his music was actually kind of a joke and people just happened to dig it. Instead of, quite literally, writing love songs about an extremely cheap Canadian-exclusive brand of cigarette called Viceroy’s like he did in his track “Ode To Viceroy,” on his album “Another One” he has a keyboard driven sound and sings about emotions and his girlfriend, Kiera. And yes, he really did write a love song about a box of dirt cheap cigarettes.

In 2017 Mac Released “Old Dog.” This album continues the trend of seriousness, if that's even possible for Mac, as he has mostly acoustic guitar-driven sounds, and he sings about difficulties in his life such as his relationships with his father and girlfriend. The listener can hear Mac DeMarco mature as they traverse through the records. With these, as well as the many acoustic versions he plays live, usually standing in an alley or by a random park bench somewhere, there is plenty of other content of Mac’s to check out, as it seems he is never far from a guitar at any point in time. Personally, his early records are my favorite, as I feel the less serious Mac is the best Mac. If you think love songs about cigarettes and guitar with the gain at 10 sounds like something for you, Mac DeMarco might just be your man.

Rating: 5/5

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