• Liam McDougal

Movie Review: Wolfwalkers

“Wolfwalkers,” set in 1650, is an Irish, two-dimensional animated movie that came out a few months ago. It follows the story of a young girl named Robyn who encounters another young girl named Mebh who is a wolfwalker, a magical person who turns into a wolf when they fall asleep.

I was excited to see this movie because there aren’t very many two-dimensional animated movies that are made these days, especially in the mainstream. I’m happy to report that this movie was pretty solid. Without a doubt its (both figuratively and literally) most eye-catching quality is its exceedingly beautiful animation. This movie is gorgeous to look at throughout most of its entire runtime. I was fortunate enough to see this movie at a drive-in on a big screen, so I got to see the stunning animation in a very high quality. Another one of the film’s best qualities was, surprisingly, the sound design and effects. The foley work was done really, really well and all of the sound effects had a quality and texture to them that just added to the atmosphere and aesthetic that was already very enjoyable in a big way.

The story and pacing were both fine but they did seem a little lackluster at times. I, personally, didn’t feel super invested until Robyn started to spend more time in the forest in the second act; sometimes the movie felt like it was dragging its feet down a predictable path that left me waiting for the next scene to happen and be more interesting (which is a problem I find myself having with a lot of family movies, so maybe it’s a bigger problem for me than it will be for others). Despite some pacing issues here and there, the movie does actually do a decent job of executing its themes of imperialism, how to treat people who are different from you, and how to react to authority you know is morally wrong.

Overall “Wolfwalkers” is a fun and very beautiful family movie with good messages and a great example of why two-dimensional animated movies need to keep being made.

Rating: 3.6/5

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