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Midnights with Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift's Midnights album dropped on October 21st at, obviously, Midnight to go with the theme of the album. The album comes with a total of 13 tracks and the combination drop Taylor did with, what she calls, the ¨3 a.m. tracks.¨ She believed these seven additional songs should be added to fully convey what she was trying to express and the stories she was trying to tell and have people connect with. The Midnights album is Taylor’s 10th album out and according to Spotify, it broke the record for most album streams in a single day. Additionally that wasn't the only record she broke that day, she also topped the list for most streamed artist in a day.

Midnights is Taylor’s 5th album in the time span of these past three years. Critically acclaimed as a “pace practically unheard of in modern pop music”. Which is true, this album is different from what Taylor has recently experimented with in previous albums, but it’s not so different whereas it’s something unfamiliar to loyal Swifties. Many people compared the beats and chorus to some of her other songs from albums such as Lover, Folklore and Evermore, and they seemed to have formed close connections with the songs.

The song most looked forward to was the collaboration between Lana Del Rey and Taylor. The song, “Snow on the beach”, was enjoyable, but many fans were left disappointed with the fact that Lana barely even had a verse in the song and had minimal vocal cues. Additionally, some fans also still assume that Taylor wrote some of the songs about her previous ex’s which has yet to be confirmed. She’s successfully released two music videos so far, one for “Anti-hero” and the other video for “Bejeweled”.

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