• Sharon Cook

Mental Health Crashing due to COVID-19

This last year has been nothing but chaos. Coronavirus has taken away lives, friendships, school, parties, etc. For myself personally, the pandemic has taken away motivation and good mental health. As valuable as mental health is, we all need to worry about the lives that are at risk due to this virus. Understandably, we all want to have some normalcy in our lives again; however, partying is ignorant and will just cause everything to get worse. Partying is going to make us quarantine for so much longer than we want to. Mental health during this time has gotten so much worse because of online school, and those of you who go to parties and hangout with big groups are one reason we aren’t able to go back to school.

Distance learning isn’t learning. We stay in class for 20 minutes to an hour, get 10 assignments due every week, and it all piles up to the point where our heads aren’t retaining any information. Every time I go into a class, I think about all of the assignments that are due on the same day at the exact same time. Some classes are harder than others, some homework assignments take 15 minutes and others take two hours. It’s not that the work is hard, it’s that our mental health has crashed and motivation has become so hard to come across. Staying motivated is extremely hard these days, and getting distracted is easy when your teacher only keeps you in class for 20 minutes. Despite being in class for only 20–30 minutes, we are expected to know how to do all of our homework and get 30 questions done within an hour or less. We all want to go back to school; that’s common thinking amongst any kid that’s doing distance learning.

Being isolated can result in depression, which is so scary. A lot of people have been bullied; therefore, a lot of people are already suffering from bad mental health. Isolation gets so overwhelming, which is why we all want a solution to go back to school. Having a party every weekend isn’t a solution to normalcy. Explain to me why the same people who want to go back to school are the same people that host big gatherings? Social distancing and masks are a key part to making this pandemic stop. Some people are not only losing family members, but losing their own livelihood as well. How can people be so inconsiderate when literal lives have been lost, people are losing their houses, and there are still other problems in the world?

Most of us in Journalism don’t have to help pay bills, so most of us are living easier than others. Some of us don’t have siblings to take care of; a lot of our parents are still employed and we don’t struggle as much as others. Social interactions are what keep us attached to other people; even I only get social interactions at work and other than that I stay inside of my house. I will admit, at first I didn’t take quarantine as seriously as I should have. Staying inside was hard for me; therefore I went to the same friend’s house every weekend without knowing what the risks were. After educating myself, I became aware that what I was doing was harmful. If hanging out with one person outside of my household is harmful, imagine how risky it is to host a party of more than one person? Please, stay inside, wear your masks, and follow health and safety guidelines. Take care of yourselves so we can make it through this together.

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