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Mayfair's Team World Vision

Team World Vision (TWV) is an organization whose general goal is to fundraise for water for kids around the world. Building water wells and pumps as well as teaching people how to fix them if they were to break or fail. Which seems like a huge task to undertake but the club and organization makes things easy and fun. Creating a challenge as those part of the club decided to undertake the challenge of running a marathon in the name of bringing water to others. As they undergo the training for running the half marathon they fundraise and bring awareness to the organization. 

The TWV team here at Mayfair train every saturday in the cold and rainy weather, and will continue to do so until the week of their race--- March 17th--- in addition to this putting time of their own to keep in shape during the week. Not only does it consist of athletic students, the group is made up of teachers, students of all grades including people who aren't in a sport. The organization here at Mayfair all goes out and put in the miles which vary every week, but tend to be more than 4 miles as they pass a certain part of their training plan. Which is not an easy feat to accomplish as less than 10 percent of the population has ran a half marathon which is 13.1 miles.

In general Team World Vision is a great organization that truly works and gets the things they state done and if you want to make a difference to provide someone with water or just choose to support a club of Monsoon’s students who are running a half marathon, consider donating to the Team World Vision page of Mayfair. 

Photo provided by Mrs. Vanderbaan and the TWV instagram @twv_mhs

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