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Mayfair's Cross Country vs The Heat

On September 3, 2022 Mayfair’s cross country team had spent over 3 months training in the crazy heat, to start their great cross country season. On September 3rd, 2022, Mayfair runners attended their first race of the season. Mayfair was competing against many high schools from the area.

Mayfair was not only going against other highschools and competing for a good time, but they were also competing with the crazy 90-100 degree heat. Mayfair's girls and boys junior varsity and varsity did amazing. They all had an amazing time. For example, one of the junior varsity runners that is now a sophomore got a time of 17:37! Could you imagine this junior varsity runner’s future in cross and track? He definitely took the spotlight at that race.

Although the junior varsity runner had an amazing time for being in jv, Mayfair’s girls junior varsity and varsity did amazing also. So did the guys varsity for just starting the season, and especially in this heat. Mayfair and other schools are all in different divisions for cross country but Mayfair’s runners went out and proved to all the schools that we are coming with all we got, go Monsoons! Mayfair’s varsity boys got an average time of 17:50 as a team, and Mayfair girls varsity got an average time of 23:30 as a team. Junior varsity boys (aka freshman and sophmores) averaged a time range from 21:27 for the freshman race, and 21:13 for the freshman and sophomore race.

Mayfair’s cross country is not only a team that competes together, but they’re a big family. Mayfair's cross country team have been league champions for 3 years in a row and no doubt will rise to the top again. I mean, who runs and trains in this insane heat? Not many people. Mayfair’s cross team puts pure hard work and effort into their performance and it shows. Not only by showing up to practice, but by their outstanding performance. We wish Mayfair's cross country team the best of luck during their season.

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