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Mayfair’s close call against La Mirada results in a 15-10 Suburban League Win.

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

A long-lived rivalry between two suburban teams, Mayfair vs. La Mirada, took to the field once again. Monsoons won 15-10 in a nerve-racking game that didn't truly end until the whistle blew. Mayafir’s now 7-0 overall season and 2-0 suburban league against La Mirada’s 3-4 season with 0-1 in suburban league ended in a seven week win streak for the Monsoons, and a three-week loss streak for the Matadores.
To celebrate the seniors on Mayfair's varsity football team, all senior players were included in the game at one point. Seniors in color guard, marching band, and cheerleaders were also celebrated. The real MVPs, however, come from all grade levels. The first quarter started off with 3 points to La Mirada from scoring a field goal after an interception. Once the ball was given back to Mayfair, there was an astounding 51-yard rush touchdown by senior Nick Adimora, resulting in the quarter ending 6-3.
In the second quarter, Adimora made a great run but it was overruled by a penalty for delay of the game. As a result, Mayfair gained 3 points on a field goal scored by junior Samuel Chukwurah. While La Mirada was in possession, Mayfair seniors Jeris Joyner, Angelo Dalde and Augustine Silva helped take down multiple plays, along with junior Jake Snow. La Mirada did not score any points in the second quarter, making the game 9-3 into half-time.
During half-time, we saw Mayfair’s marching band and colorguard showcase their latest show—in which each senior was given a solo to honor senior night. We also saw Mayfair’s cheerleaders execute multiple energetic routines to get the crowd hyped for the third quarter. A list of names honoring all the seniors celebrated is featured at the end of the article.
Mayfair came back onto the field ready. With defense going strong on both teams, the break gave them time to regroup. Mayfair intercepted, but it wasn't long before it was returned by a fumble against them and given to La Mirada. That was quickly stopped by Joyner. From there the Tomich brothers worked their magic. The junior quarterback, Evan Tomich, threw to his wide receiver brother Owan Tomich for a touchdown. The extra point was then made by Chukwurah, resulting in the end of the third quarter, 15-3.
At the height of the fourth quarter, La Mirada started playing more aggressively. Both teams are notorious for being physical. Mayfair was running out of energy and La Mirada was gaining momentum. Despite Mayfair’s defense pushing, and a great tackle by senior RJ Swift, La Mirada’s Tanner Roberts made a 15-yard run, then to Matt Gallegos for a 17-yard run, and a final 1-yard run into the endzone, giving La Mirada 7 points.
With the score now at 15-10, Mayfair wasn't in the clear just yet. The Matadores went on to make their way down the field on their last possession. They got to first and goal with 50 seconds left, but were stopped by Mayfair’s defense, and the Monsoons stay undefeated, 7-0. 15-10 final.
La Mirada will continue to play at Norwalk on October 15 while Mayfair will have a bye week, eventually followed up by another game at Norwalk on October 22.

Mayfair’s Senior Football Players: (18)
Kiyon Daye, Nick Adimora , Jake Gilman, Angelo Dalde, RJ Swift, Robert Miranda, Matthew Collins, Keith DeJean, Jackson Zylstra, Jeris Joyner, Josh Moore, Augustine Silva, Charlie Wooters, Garet Sullivan, Henry Chukwurah, Christopher Perez, Jaylen Lavender

Mayfair’s Senior Cheerleaders: (10)
Azalea Rojas, Kyla Ash, Zoe Estrada, Taylor Troyer, Elliana Geddes, Shania Levi, Alasha Conner, Kaylah Stubbs, Mi’teka Kaufman, Katelyn Betrean

Mayfair’s Senior Color Guard: (8)
Omar Barboza, Malia Melendez, Onwara Paorung, Samantha Islas, Lyka Ibale, Kayce Diegor, Alexis Cummings, Janessa Guzman

Mayfair’s Senior Marching Band: (20)
Matthew Perez, Cindy Castro, Paige Evans, Yssac Martinez, Brandon Jamjampour, Bijan Ashouri, Chiagozie Okoye, Chelsea Aninyei, Amia Richardson, Erick Gutierrez, Karen Amavizca, Kevin Brim, Sebastian Guerrero, Daniel Belonio, Andre Oropeza, Jalil Asante, Landon Hooper, Camden Villamore, Celeste Perdomo, Michael Servin

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