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Mayfair Rewarded With the Golden Bell Award

At Mayfair the inclusion of special needs students is nothing new. From the very popular LAFF club (Learning Acceptance through Friendship and Fun), to the earth-friendly recycling programs, Mayfair has found ways to include all students in campus life. In December the California School Boards Association decided to award the Bellflower Unified School District the Golden Bell Award. According to the CSBA’s website, the Golden Bell Award is awarded to schools and districts who “promote excellence in education and school board governance by recognizing outstanding programs and governance practices of school boards in school districts and county offices of education throughout California.” Recently, the Golden Bell Award was awarded to Mayfair and the Bellflower Unified School District for its inclusion of special needs students through sports, programs, and clubs.

Along with the prestigious award, a $1000 sponsorship was awarded to the Bellflower Unified School District to help directly fund their unified sports programs. In her acceptance of the award, Renita Armstrong, a BUSD school board member, stated “The award will be used directly by the [unified sports] program to support inclusion and building futures for all of our students.” When asked about receiving the Golden Bell Award for Special Education, the Bellflower Unified School District stated that “positive relationships and [a] strong sense of community connects students to learning,” which is truly evident in its mission to empower students to “demonstrate respect for themselves and others in a dynamic, diverse, and global society.” Mayfair’s unified sports initiative is in an innovative program that exemplifies this mission with its goals to promote inclusion and acceptance by providing students opportunities to “train together and play together” in team sports.

Among the programs which earned Bellflower Unified School District, specifically Mayfair Middle and High School, the Golden Bell Award for Special Education are unified sports, the LAFF club, the mail and recycling programs, Unified Art and Cheer, as well as the Ability Awareness assemblies. Mrs. Hutton and Mrs. Sharp, teachers and directors of LAFF, are probably the most recognizable faces when it comes to these important and diverse programs. Seen all across campus, they embody Mayfair's spirit of inclusion. When asked about how students can get involved, Mrs. Sharp stated “We are always looking for students to join our physical education classes to be involved in Unified Sports.” If you are interested in getting involved, please contact Mrs. Sharp and Mrs. Hutton at asharp@s.busd.k12.ca.us and lindseyhutton@s.busd.k12.ca.us, respectively. If you would like to view the recorded video of Mayfair’s acceptance of the Golden Bell Award, please click here. The award presentation to the Bellflower Unified School District begins at approximately 34 minutes.

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