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Mayfair Presents, "Shrek the Musical"

Mayfair High School had an amazing performance with "Shrek the Musical". All the detailing was on point from the fluorescent lights to the accurate soundtracks. There were realistic performances and great singing that had the crowd in awe. The way everything came together and no one broke character made the show all that much better. The props were good and had the crowd laughing when Shrek picked up a moving skunk. The lighting switch from scene to scene enhanced the performance and set the mood. The cast showed dedication to their role and were all in unison. When the donkey came on and started bugging Shrek, the performance was phenomenal and had the crowd laughing a lot. When Lord Farquaad came on, the lights switched to red and blue. There was even a bubble machine that made the crowd more engaged into the play. Nothing about the performances felt repetitive and they all served their roles well. Not only were there changes in the background, but there were also changes in the surroundings such as the revealing of Princess Fiona’s castle. Behind the scenery, appeared a dragon that had a smoke machine to replicate dragon smoke and it even had glowing green eyes. A lot of the actors that sang had amazing vocals that made the musical come together. At half time, they had a break and everyone seemed to be in good moods. Vibrant red colors came from the chimney signifying that the break was over and they were going to return and everyone quickly silenced to finish watching the play. The lights gave off an orange-white light that made it look like it was sunrise. The changes in scenery and lighting were smooth and made it seem almost like a movie. Everyone’s contribution made the musical amusing and had everyone leaving happily.

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