• Sharon Cook

Mayfair has Finally Returned Back to Normal...Somewhat

Distance learning has actually been really great for me, but for others it has been extremely hard to adapt to. Getting told the school would be closed for two weeks last March was a really great announcement to hear; however, two weeks slowly turned into seniors losing all of their activities and everyone wondering how graduation was going to take place. Personally, I have a very different opinion from most students. I didn’t really attend school activities besides football games so I wasn’t bothered about the senior activities, and I love distance learning because it’s easier for me to work on my own. That being said, when our school announced reopening on April 1, I decided to stay online.

Some of The Windjammer staff members decided to return in-person and I asked them what school reopening was like. Each person stated that their classes are very small, and our video editor Eden Geddes even said “All of my classes were super small and from what I’ve heard so were other classes; one of them having only myself and another student in it.” I am curious as to what they’ll do with the size of classes: will they put group A and group B together to increase the amount of students or will they keep everyone separated? Something they do at school to ensure cleanliness and safety is having all students wipe down their desks and seats when they enter the classroom. Eden also explained that “Having students sanitize their desks after using felt a little awkward but made sense as it was the easiest and fastest way to clean them.” Props to Mayfair for including those extra steps to make the school safe for everyone.

Of course there are people that don’t care about COVID-19 as much as they should. There’s two sides to everything including this virus: people who are very cautious and people who don’t care about the well-being of others. I will admit that at the beginning of this pandemic, I was foolish and wasn’t listening to science as much as I should have. Now that I’m very attentive and understanding of how serious this pandemic actually is, I’ve truly realized that many people are inconsiderate -- this includes those of you that hangout in groups of 6+ people without masks. If you and your friends are vaccinated, hangout and have fun! Props to those who have taken that step to becoming safe. Micheal Boulton who is our sports editor, stated “During snack there were still groups of people hanging out and dapping (doing hand shakes) up.” I’m not saying don’t hangout with your friends but you should go the extra mile to be safe. Wash your hands, sanitize, and don’t hangout in large groups.

Another aspect of in-person learning isn’t just how safe the students are being, it matters how safe the teachers are being as well. Our leisure editor Ashley Eggum said “I’ve had issues where one teacher didn’t wear a mask with students in it.” To my understanding, most if not all teachers/staff are vaccinated, however for safety and to be an example for your students, you should be wearing masks and social distancing. There’s no reason for you to not show that you care about others’ well-being, especially if you’re a teacher. This is part of the reason I chose not to go back in person: people are reckless and careless towards others. Many of the students still hangout in large groups, travel to different places and are very inconsiderate. If you are offended by the words “careless” and “inconsiderate” then maybe you should re-evaluate yourself.

Truthfully I’m happy the school opened. I know many people struggled this year with not only distance learning, but also their mental health due to quarantine. If you are someone that struggled with your mental health this year, you are not alone. I went into quarantine completely different than I am now. If you are questioning yourself or doubting yourself; just know that you are worth it. You’re valid and you’re loved and I hope that social interaction helps you realize that.

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