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Maritime Nashville Tour 2024!

Mayfair’s amazing performance groups Mariners and Showtime have kicked off their annual tour to various places to showcase their songs and choreography to many other public schools. The 2024 tour took place in Nashville, Tennessee. Every time people join Maritime, they usually look forward to their tours. Many Monsoons found delight in this trip, where they were able to display their musical talents onto the stages of many public schools in Nashville. Not only they performed in front of a different audience but they also learned more about musical culture in the city of country music. Many students embraced many beautiful memories from this field trip, and are excited for more to come. 

Mariners and Showtime students have learned many things in this trip as they were exposed to a different culture and environment, where they showed off their singing and choreography to the students of Nashville, Tennessee. “Performing was a bit challenging because we had to do our set with a few people who stayed behind and had to adjust to different stages,” Jayda Meek, a senior from Mariner, says, “However, it was rewarding to perform for people who had never seen a show choir before.” Adjusting to a different environment was challenging to some Monsoons but they did not let it stop them from displaying their utmost performance skills. Cambria Sills, a sophomore from Mariners, states that, ”I felt really good while performing, I was able to sing for a choir our age who had never seen a show choir. It was fun talking to them after my set and how amazed they were that we could dance and sing.”

The experiences everyone shared has broadened their horizons as they were educated on different philosophies of performing arts. Students claim that they traversed through many museums and tourist attractions to explore the art of country music and iconic artists like Taylor Swift and Elvis Presley. ”I learned so much,” Mishal Ysalina, a freshman from Showtime, comments, “From walking through the heavily-informed museums to simply exploring Nashville, the whole trip was a huge learning experience and I’m so thankful for all the knowledge I picked up from it. We were able to learn about the history and influence of country music, as well as famous musicians such as Elvis Presley and Dolly Parton. From the whole trip for me personally, I felt that I was able to learn so much about enjoying and appreciating life as-is and living in the moment.” The trip expanded the Mariners and Showtimes’ knowledge on music. Kylee Thompkins, junior of Showtime, quotes, “It was eye opening in more ways than one! I created more of an appreciation for different genres and also got the chance to hangout with so many more people in our program!” 

Showtime and Mariners believe that they had a wonderful time at Nashville, Tennessee for their honorary tours. It opened them the door to opportunities of learning more about Nashville’s music history and how it contrasts from here in California. They were able to share memories together while performing at schools which is an amazing privilege to have. With this successful tour along with the previous one in Hawaii, Mayfair High School will be proud to present to the world our magnificent Mariners and Showtime choir in the future.

Image Courtesy of Mariners and Showtime. 

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