• Mya Tan

Maid Cafes and its Effects on Lonely Boys

Maid Sama is a manga series by Hiro Fujiwara with eight published volumes and one television season with 26 episodes. It is a comedy and romance anime that will have you wanting so much more. The protagonist, Misaki Ayuzawa, is a hardworking student council member that will do whatever it takes to shape up the boys at her school, Seika High School. The boys at Seika were well known for the wild boys that scare all the girls away.

Ayuzawa becomes the first female student body president and takes it into her own hands to change the reputation of the school. Everyone knows her as an evil man-hating boss that favors women. Even though she seemed to be such a terrible person to the boys, it was unknown by anyone that she has a lot going on at home, and she secretly works at a maid café to help with supporting her mom and little sister; all of this causes her to be really stressed.

Usui Takumi, a well known pretty boy and “savior” of the boys discovers Misaki’s secret and begins to slowly fall in love with her. However, they are both extremely different and oblivious to absolutely everything which makes you want to watch more just to see something that could happen. Every episode tested Misaki and Usui’s feelings towards each other and the people around them.

I really enjoyed this anime because in a way, it really reminded me of Ouran High School Host Club, which I was a big fan of. The way it flowed into each other just really made sense. I liked that it could be a pretty serious anime sometimes but also really fun to watch because of the likeable characters. If you like romance and comedies, this anime would definitely be a good recommendation for you (especially if you're new to anime).

Rating; 4.5/5

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